i defeated the burrito brick & sweated my balls off


post work out!

busted my ass today! ignore my slightly scary hitchhiker’s thumb.

good afternoon, everyone. i hope you guys had an exquisite thursday! today is friday and i am happy because: 1. i have no school or work on fridays and am free to spend my time as i wish. 2. i worked out for 2 hours and 45 minutes today and let me tell you, i loved every minute of it. 3. it’s the weekend!

this morning i got up with my dear friend Tricia and we went to zumba at a local gym. 8am came excruciatingly early, especially since my dog decided to take this morning off and not bark to wake me up. my bed was so comfortable and warm, but i got a call from Tricia asking me if i was awake and i got up, made myself a piece of toast with peanut butter, and walked my happy, albeit tired, ass out the door, heading to the richmond athletic club. the zumba class today was taught by someone i know, so i was super excited to get my sweat on and shake my ass. in case you’ve never done zumba, there’s a lot of ass and titty shaking. and i mean A LOT of ass and titty shaking…and i love shaking my girls and my booty. it’s actually kind of liberating. i only dance like that when i’m drunk or at a club, and to shake all my business and know i’m working toward a fitter me just makes the experience more exciting. plus, with every time i do it, i get that much better at shaking these here hips. halfway through the class, i decided i wasn’t done after zumba– it was time to conquer my fear: week 3 day 1 of C25k.

i went to EKU’s gym and spent some time on the elliptical, contemplating my future fate on the treadmill. i stared at all the treadmills, observing and inspecting each one of them as i plowed through 25 minutes on the elliptical with a resistance level of 8-10. i always like to do the first one or two days of the week on the treadmill and finish out the week on the track to learn how to set my own pace. i trucked through week 1 and week 2. week one was 60 seconds of running followed by 90 minutes of walking. week two was 90 seconds of running and two minutes of walking. week three is 90 seconds of running, 90 seconds of walking and THEN THREE WHOLE MINUTES OF RUNNING. CONSECUTIVELY. my fat girl heart was indeed scared i would not be able to fully get through two repetitions of three minutes, but i did it. the first three minutes was intense, but i got through it relatively easy. i could have kept going at the end of the section, but i decided to let myself have that three minutes of rest to naturally build up my endurance. the second round of three minutes, though, was a little more difficult. but, this time, i felt my endorphins start to release and i felt that feeling all runners talk about– running ceased to suck today. and i ended up completing two miles in 29 minutes, which means i shaved 30 seconds of each mile as i was only doing a mile in 15 minutes. seeing progress is definitely the biggest motivator in this situation. i can feel my body changing and i can feel my lungs get stronger with each day i accomplish. i feel very strong today. i did some light strength training and had a good stretch and came home.

the next goal on my list is to quit smoking. i know that’s a goal a lot of people have, but i can’t really expect myself to achieve all of the cardio-related goals i’ve set for myself if i’m taking two steps back by smoking cigs. trust me, i love smoking cigs, but i know it’s about that time. i need to start saving money. i need to start preserving my lung tissue. i need to keep contributing to my overall well-being. right now, i’m working on reducing it to when i drink (which i’ve actually limited as well). i think a maximum of two cigarettes a day is a a pretty good way to start and then i can slowly start removing those as well. i’m not necessarily a chain-smoker anymore, but i have been known to put a pack away without thinking about it. with my current weight, i need to let go of all the aspects of my life that are inhibiting me and smoking is one of them. it will be weird to consider myself a non-smoker… maybe i’ll use the term former smoker. that doesn’t sound so depressing.

today for lunch is vegan grilled cheese and vegetable soup.  happy friday, y’all, and stay healthy.



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