another weekend: a recap, measurements, and more!

it’s hard to believe it’s already sunday morning. the last thing i want to think about is going back to school and entering a routine again. i enjoy, way too much i might add, the freedom the weekends provide me with, which leads me to hate the strict routine i’ve placed on myself throughout the week. but, it must be done and for the next 12 weeks or so, i have no choice but to submit to “the man,” and by the man i mean my MA program.

this weekend, i monitored myself more efficiently than i have in weekends past. i evaluated the drink situation and did the best that i could for the situations i’ve been in…but i still fucked up. in this case, fucked up is code for casa and taco bell. this brings me to picture one of this post:

Drunk & Arrogant

before you ask, that is a cigarette in my hand. i’m cool, i know. trust me, the reason this picture is up is because i’m mocking myself for my drunken attempt to seem more interesting and glamorous than i really am. i am drunk and arrogant. instead of drinking beer on friday night, i decided to move toward liquor. i had two double vodka club sodas and then maybe another single one…? which adds up to 5 or 6 shots of vodka, depending on how generous my bartenders were, which totals to around 485-500 calories? awesome. so, when i am drunk and arrogant, i crave taco bell. on friday night, instead of going home, drinking a bunch of water and putting my ass to sleep, i ate a heaping helping of fucking taco bell. SERIOUSLY? after the qdoba burrito brick, you would think i may have learned my lesson about consuming synthetic mexican foods late in the evening…but not this bitch. nope, not me. i ate all of it. rightfully so, i felt like shit the next morning. good. i hope i learned my lesson this time.

saturday, i spent the majority of the day lazing around, watching the office. boyfriend and i cooked vegetarian corndogs and french fries for lunch along with a fresh granny smith apple. for a snack, i had an apple cinnamon rice cake with honey peanut butter, and for dinner, we made tuna melts, broccoli rice, and a spinach pear strawberry feta salad with raspberry vinaigrette. eating in is so much cheaper and more wonderful. i get to control how many toppings/how much is on everything i’m eating. more control makes kara happier. before dinner, i decided i needed to get my ass into the gym because of the vodka and taco bell overdose the previous evening, but prior to actually making it to the gym i did the most dreadful thing a person can do when trying to summon the motivation to work up a sweat: I LAID DOWN IN MY FUCKING BED. i posted a facebook status about trying to find my motivation and thankfully, i have amazing friends who are incredibly supportive. their messages really got me motivated so i took this picture to prove i made it:


spent 30 minutes on this bad boy with a resistance ranging from the 8 you see in the picture to a 13. cranked out 300ish calories and ended up completing 2.2 miles. i didn’t have much time; i needed to shower and get my shit together to watch my Kentucky Wildcats….lose again. i don’t want to talk about it. in the course of watching the game, i had 3 single stoli razz & club sodas with lime and a purple hooter shooter. the rest of the night, i drank water in dire hopes of flushing my system out. all in all, this weekend, i had around 10 shots of vodka and a weird ass shot. not terrible, but it’s definitely not the best i could do.

this morning, i got up to weigh myself and take measurements for the first time in two weeks. the weight results were…sub par, but i’ll live. the progress i made in inches is awesome progress and if i let myself be defeated now by a number on a scale, which doesn’t measure my growing muscle mass, i’ll never reach any of my goals. so. here goes.

Starting Measurements on January 2nd, 2011

  • Weight: 249.2
  • Bust: 44
  • Chest: 42
  • Upper Waist: 41
  • Natural Waist: 48
  • Hips: 49.5
  • Thigh: 29
  • Calf: 19

Measurements & Weight for 2/6 (February 6, 2011)

  • Weight: 247.2
  • Bust: 43
  • Chest: 41
  • Upper Waist: 39.5
  • Natural Waist: 46.5
  • Hips: 48.5
  • Thigh: 28
  • Calf: 18

thus far, i’ve had a weight loss of 2 pounds, an inch off the bust, an inch off the chest, 1.5 inches off my upper waist, 2.5 inches off of my natural waist, an inch off my hips, an inch off my thighs, and an inch off my calves for a total of 11 inches? rock on, kara. i leave you all with the recipe i used this morning for vegan almond french toast. 🙂

stay healthy, y’all.

Vegan Almond French Toast from Whole Foods


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