snow makes me want to hibernate and eat bad, terrible, fattening mexican food

work face

happy tuesday, everyone. it’s snowing in good ol’ Kentucky, or has snowed, and the ground is littered with the remnants of EKU’s prayers for a cancellation. i don’t know why i always get my hopes up– it never happens. and, when i eventually get into the real world, i won’t have snow days. everyone should get a snow day. i know that the cancellation of everyone’s jobs and activities would probably lead to the complete breakdown of society for a day and people would lose their shit, but i think the world would be a happier place if everyone just got an unexpected break from life sometimes. everyone struggles to make it through their days– not just students. oh. it’s snowing again. joy. in the picture above, i’m reppin’ one of my favorite local bands: Reverend John and the Backsliders. they’re amazing and fun and make my night at the Paddy Wagon 100% more enjoyable…although i always love the Paddy Wagon.

the past couple of days have been full of failure for me; this is not failure in the food sense, but failure in my inability to get out and go to the gym when it’s cold and gross outside. i neglected the gym both yesterday and today in favor of just showering and coming to campus. snow makes everything so difficult. but, this feeling in my legs is good– i feel energy and power in my calves and i miss running. so, i may go tonight after i get out of class just to get it out of my system. it may not be the full C25k day i had planned for today, but i may just do a mile and a half walk/run to feel like i exerted some of this pent up energy.

sunday, i had a pretty amazing work out. i did week three day two of C25k and ended up completing a 3k (1.8 miles) in 26 minutes; i went on to finish 2 miles in 28:10, which is another 50 seconds off of my previous 2 mile time. i am happy each day i show improvement. i know i was pushing myself pretty hard on Sunday, so if i’m a little off from those times this week, i shouldn’t be disappointed in myself. after 30 minutes on the treadmill at an average of 14 minutes/mile, i hopped on the elliptical for another 30 minutes to finish off a cardio-rich session. afterwards, i went into a cardio coma and needed carbs to perk myself back up.

sunday night, i made a homemade pizza and although i’m pretty sure there was milk in the crust, the rest of the pizza was vegan-friendly. green and orange peppers, onions and shredded vegan cheddar cheese with extra extra pizza sauce. for the side, i made chickenless buffalo wings and the meal was delicious. it was so good and colorful, i took a picture!


i found out yesterday that my baby puppy Carver has two massive ear infections; i did not know you were supposed to clean the floppy ears of puppies once or twice a week to prevent dirt build up. fortunately, we took him to the vet and he feels better. he has to take a pill and has to have liquid meds put in his ear, but he should be better in a few days. he’s already improving and sleeping better through the night, which he wasn’t doing before. happy puppy means happy me. if i’m happy, i stay motivated and positive, which is what i need to succeed! man. real corny. but he’s adorable and i’m so glad he’s better!

sweet puppy carver

stay healthy, y’all.



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