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afternoon, everyone! if you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your honey, then happy Valentine’s Day! if you prefer to ignore February 14th with every fiber of your being, then happy February 14th! i hope your monday is treating you well. it’s been a pretty splendid day for me so far because i kicked off my morning with a delicious breakfast & snack and with 65 minutes of cardio!

i got a call today from the Central Baptist Hospital Nutrition Counseling center today. apparently, my referral finally went through so i need to call them back and schedule an appointment. hopefully, a nutritionist will shed light on a good meal plan for me and maybe tailor one to my goals throughout this process. i’ll be updating again with this information as it becomes available to me. i hope it’s not too fucking expensive.

i woke up around 7:15am and desperately wanted to go back to sleep. i don’t actually have to be on campus until 11am, so there was a possibility for another 2 hours of sleep and believe me, i was tempted. then, i remembered i had updated this blog last night with plans for my exercise today. i hated it and honestly, had i not written about my exercise plans for today, i would have gone back to bed. this reinforces the necessity of this blog. knowing i will have to be honest and type out my failures will hopefully keep me from committing a lot of them. most of the time, my biggest flaw is my inability to stay committed to the gym. but, as i saw today, all i needed was a little motivation to get me going. begrudgingly, i got out of my comfy bed (it’s always the comfiest when you’re planning on going to the gym), put my reebok runtones on, and went to the gym. it took me a little while to get comfortable in my skin again. it’s amazing how one week outside of a routine can mess with your psychological feelings regarding a specific place. honestly, i was terrified of the treadmill this morning and instead of doing it first, like i always do, i opted for the elliptical first (just in case i decided to bail on running, which i almost did). i spent 35 minutes on the elliptical this morning, burning around 400 calories. nervously, i approached the treadmill, collected my feelings, and started walking at a 3.7 brisk pace alternating between this speed and jogging at a speed of 5.1-5.4. instead of trying to pick up where i left off, i did a previous day of c25k to warm my body back up to running. i ran 2 miles in 27:55, which is 15 seconds less than last time i ran; additionally, i ran a 3k in 26ish minutes, which made me feel awesome. i considered getting on the bike or getting some strength training in, but instead, because i was running short on time, i went home so i could eat breakfast, hang out with my puppy, and shower.

i ate my first package of Silk soy yogurt this morning in the strawberry flavor. it was actually really good, and although it wasn’t vegan, my stomach didn’t reject it the way it normally rejects dairy yogurt. i also ate a nice banana and before the gym, i toasted a piece of Arnold’s Dutch Country Bread and put a tablespoon of Jif with honey on it to give me a small boost of energy for the gym. instead of taking my car to work, i walked the 15 minutes to campus; currently, i’ve done 80 minutes of cardio today and i feel absolutely awesome. my plans for the rest of the week are as follows: tomorrow, i plan on using the elliptical for 30-40 minutes, the bike for 20-30 minutes, and some strength training. i’m really slacking on weights and i think that’s one of the reasons why i’m not seeing as many results. on wednesday, i’m going to attempt to fall back in line with c25k in week three day 2. at 4pm on wednesday, i’m signed up for zumba and then a yogilates class at 5. on thursday, i have to make up hours for work, so i’ll be at work from 8-4pm. my class is canceled, so i’m going to do a cycling class followed by a round of toasty yoga. it’ll be an ass kicker of a week, but i need it and crave it after a week of a sedentary lifestyle.

i’ve been looking at heart monitors with foot pods today. a foot pod, or an accelerometer, tracks the pace and mileage of your run. i would love to keep track of my heart rate, the average heart rate, and accurate distance once i start running outside and on the track as my GPS on my phone is incredibly unreliable. they are rather expensive, but if they’re going to last me a couple of years, i won’t mind paying it. i really am digging some nifty new toys. can you tell?

my friend micah also sent me a recipe for stuffed bell peppers in a crock pot, which i plan on making on wednesday. i love bell peppers and stuffing them with rice, vegan cheese, and other vegetables sounds absolutely delicious! and, they’ll be cooking in a crock pot so i can go out, go to the gym, and run my errands while my dinner is cooking! crock pots are the absolute best. this discussion about this recipe, though, got me jonesin’ for more kitchen equipment. right now, my eye is on a relatively expensive food processor. the way i can justify this expense, though, is i will no longer have to buy peanut butter because i can make my own! many recipes i’ve been considering call for a food processor and i have a feeling i cannot cook the way i wish to eat with out a few more gadgets. i’ve also been looking for a sushi rolling mat as the boyfriend and i are going to attempt to make our own cooked sushi. i have so many ideas!

i’m not quite sure what’s on the menu for dinner, but i’m sure i’ll mention it in a later post. i hope your valentine’s day/single awareness day/february 14th day is going well. stay healthy, y’all.

PS: one of my greatest motivators, the Bonnaroo music festival, is releasing their artist lineup tomorrow at noon. can anyone say FUCKING EXCITED?!


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