my domesticity cannot be questioned: the bread, peppers, and hummus edition

nice shower after a long day!

good evening, everyone!!! this is actually a pretty not so great picture of me, but not every picture can be perfect. i just got out of the shower after one of the most productive days of my entire LIFE. and WASN’T IT BEAUTIFUL OUTSIDE? at one point, my car said it was 62 degrees outside and it may have even been warmer than that. i know the sun instantly cheers me up and puts me in a better place. it also, obviously, fills me with this foreign feeling called “positivity.” not quite sure how i feel about being so happy, but maybe it’s a necessary change.

throughout last week, i had been exploring different recipes to try out, but i needed last minute things. this morning, puppy woke me up around 7:30 and boyfriend was getting up to go teach, so i ended up getting out of bed anyway. i went to the store and got EVERYTHING i need, although i had to venture to two different stores because Kroger doesn’t carry tahini, which is necessary for hummus!

i came home, put shit away, and got ready to bake and cook my ass off. i started with the hummus, because that seemed like the easiest thing out of the items i had doomed myself to make. it was my first experience with my food processor and after the hummus, i think we may become good friends, even though it is obnoxiously loud and kind of unnerves me with its sharp spinny blade, although i did discover the processor i bought has a dough blade and a fucking JUICER! so if i get the wild hair up my ass, i can make and juice my own lemonade, grapefruit juice, orange juice! my options are seriously limitless. the hummus came out wonderfully, although i was skeptical at first:

muthafuckin hummus!!!!

deliciousness. so, for lunch, i made gardein chick’n strips, slathered some hummus on a whole wheat tortilla, and added green peppers, onions, spinach, and non-dairy cheese with a side of blackberries and strawberries. 🙂 it was also delicious and super filling.

muthafuckin luuunch!

deliciousness and healthyness! this lunch topped out at around 400ish calories and 10 grams of fat. i’m proud of myself because 90% of this meal was natural and full of fruits and vegetables instead of pumped full of preservatives and all that other shit that makes food taste good. fortunately, this was still really good and kept me moving through my afternoon, which was a good thing as i had to tackle… DUN DUN DUN STUFFED BELL PEPPERS!!!

my kitchen!!!

at one point, this was my kitchen as i was preparing to stuff those peppers you see. thanks again to micah for this recipe because it ended up being fabulous! the recipe is simply some cooked brown rice (because of a micah suggestion, i got the instant rice which cooks in 10 minutes), a can of chili beans, and some cheese (i used vegan cheese). you mix it all together and spoon it into the peppas. you cook them in a crockpot for 6 hours or so on top of a layer of stewed tomatoes. i put those together around noon and let them settle


woo hoo! i used a yellow, two green, an orange, and a red pepper. i have a thing for peppers. i have a thing especially for big peppers (INSERT OBLIGATORY SEXUAL JOKE HERE). while those sat, i psyched myself up for the biggest challenge yet: HOMEMADE BREAD. after reading some recipes and finding one which suited me and my time frame, i settled on a vegan recipe. instead of using oil, i substituted applesauce and instead of soy milk, i used almond milk. i got a a little nervous during the second part of the process, but it turned out well. i split the dough into two loaves and placed them in their respective pans:

risin' dough, yo

then it was just a waiting game for around 40 minutes while they baked. i resisted the urge to keep checking on them and then, finally, i brought them out of the oven and LO AND FUCKING BEHOLD I HAD MADE BREAD. REAL BREAD.


and i had made two of them. to my happy surprise, it was actually really good and i’m anxious to get some bread knives and slice it thin enough to make sandwich bread out of it. my next step is pizza dough. i’m really, really proud of myself for the bread.

for all of the positive events in my kitchen today, there were some mishaps. these mishaps come in the form of botched cinnamon apple crisps. i missed the instruction on the recipe where it said to bake them for 3-4 hours… i let them cook for 20 minutes. so, i had soggy, yet kind of tasty, pieces of apple covered in cinnamon and cane sugar. i ate some of them, but the rest are just kind of hanging out in the kitchen


oh well. win some, lose some. because of this mishap, though, i want a dehydrator! i think it would be an awesome addition to my kitchen, but i won’t buy one right now. i just got mr. food processor and we need to hang out for awhile before i go cheat on him with a new appliance.

after baking and cooking up a storm, i went to campus and did week 3 day 2 of c25k. 90 seconds of running then 90 seconds of walking then 3 minutes of running then 3 minutes of walking. two reps of this and honestly, i thought i would handle it better than i did today. i blame it on how hot it was at the campus gym today. the warm weather combined with still winterized buildings do not make for a great experience, although my clothes were soaked with sweat and when that happens, i feel the most accomplished. i’m not going to lie, the last 3 minute run was rough. i actually decreased my speed in order to make it through it and while i’m not proud of that, i am proud of the fact that i made it through the entire three minutes without walking. it was an accomplishment. after that, i engaged in some ass and titty shaking at Zumba on campus. it was the first time i had been to the campus gym for Zumba and i was pleasantly surprised, although it was pretty packed. i prefer the other gyms i’ve been to, but i will go back to EKU’s Zumba if i can find the time. finally, i ended my workout session with some yogilates, which is a combination of pilates and yoga. i actually sweat because i am not as flexible as i should be, but i felt good.

i came home to my house smelling WONDERFULLY of cooked peppers and boyfriend and i got down to dinner as soon as i walked in the door.


that’s a green bell pepper stuffed with brown rice, chili beans, vegan cheese and topped with a little more vegan cheese and some Newman’s Black Bean & Corn salsa. DELICIOUS.

that’s been my day. it’s been productive, full of happiness, and success. i’m settling down with a cup full of strawberry pomegranate tea and i’m so damn proud of what i’ve accomplished. this weekend, i’m going to get my bike from my parents and i’m going to start biking to school. i’m also really excited about possibly starting to run outside soon. one step at a time.

i hope you all have enjoyed your beautiful days. stay healthy, y’all.


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