happy friday: i kicked some ass on the treadmill!

happy friday! ignore the bra straps.


happy friday, everyone! i hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend. i’m planning on relaxing, doing some homework, and possibly attending a zumbathon on sunday followed by restorative yoga. we’ll see how the rest of it pans out!

last night, i had planned on going to the gym and attending a cycling and yoga class. unfortunately for myself, i bitched out again and canceled both of them. thursday night is my hardest night to be motivated, especially yesterday. i had to be at work at 8am, which doesn’t sound bad to a lot of people, but to someone like me who struggles to wake up sometimes, it was incredibly difficult. instead of going to the gym, i came home with boyfriend, we made frozen pizza, buffalo chick’n wings, and breadsticks. i ate ice cream and vegged in front of the television watching Conan episodes i had DVR’d. while i’m not necessarily proud of the decisions i made, it was nice to relax for a bit last night and not worry about what i was eating. everything is good in moderation and right now, i am learning the ART of moderation because that’s what it is– it’s a fucking art and it’s hard sometimes. it’s incredibly hard to limit foods that taste so good, but i have to remind myself i’m doing this for a reason. i want to feel better and eating frozen pizzas every day of my life would make me feel terrible. last night, though, it was delicious.

i’ve eaten outside of my home once this week. i had half of a grilled cheese at the paddy wagon with a salad on tuesday night during the Cats game. other than that, all of my meals have been prepared in my home by my hands or the hands of my boyfriend. i have felt amazing this week and it’s really paid off in the form of my workouts!

i had one of the best workouts i have ever had today, no lie. i felt amazing before, during, and after. before i went to my work out, i had a piece of wheat bread with a tablespoon of crunchy reduced fat peanut butter and a soy yogurt (peach flavored!) through the advice of one of my friends, Matt, i waited an hour before i went to the gym in order to avoid side stitches. i got on the treadmill, NERVOUS AS FUCK about struggling through another run… but i didn’t struggle. in fact, i was more than prepared. it was still a little difficult, yes, but i made it through without reducing my speed. in fact, i actually increased my speed during my runs! W3D3 of C25k has been DEFEATED. i ended up running 1.8 miles, or a 3k, in around 24 minutes; i hit the 2 mile mark around 26:05. my total run was 2.2 miles in 30 minutes. this means i shaved 2 minutes of not only my 3k time, but off of my 2 mile time as well. my pace has moved from 15 minutes a mile to almost 13 minutes a mile. i am so happy with myself today. after my run, i jumped onto an elliptical for 20 minutes and added another 1.25 miles to my total miles today. i did some ab workouts and focused on my arms and core today for some strength training. i’ve really been avoiding strength training in favor of more cardio lately, but weight training is just as important as cardio. i need to make more time to work on my muscles; i would bet if my core was stronger, i could run further and harder than i am now. that’s a new goal: MORE STRENGTH TRAINING!!!

today, i bought myself a present for doing the VMs and for sticking to my workout plan. every time i look at these shoes, i will feel proud of myself for what i have done, what i am doing, and what i will do:


so damn excited.

today has been a great day so far; the weather is gorgeous and i have been surrounded by great people. it only promises to get better. stay healthy, y’all.