another weekend, another battle: i fought C25k and i won (barely)!


if i look tired, it’s because i am.

sundays, as i’ve said before, are some of the most depressing days of the week. while sunday promotes another full day of freedom from school or other obligations, like work, i also spend the majority of sunday dreading monday. that’s a terrible way to view my sunday, but how else am i supposed to look at it. sundays hurt. they are painful. this sunday, though, was especially painful.

this weekend has been a nice, relaxing one. i ate some sushi on friday for a friend’s birthday; i love me some sushi. thankfully, sushi is not bad to eat! it’s incredibly lean and low in calories. i could eat sushi literally every day, especially if it’s good sushi like the rolls we had friday night. if you’re ever in Lexington, KY and want a great sushi experience, visit Tomo. delicious.

saturday, i tried to get back into my eating in/cooking routine. for breakfast, i made HOMEMADE PANCAKE BATTER. IT WAS CHOCOLATE. so, we had chocolate pancakes. DID I MENTION I ALSO MADE AN APPLESAUCE PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL FOR INSIDE THE PANCAKES? yes. that happened. we had chocolate peanut butter swirl pancakes for breakfast on saturday morning. the best part about these pancakes is they were made with almond milk and whole wheat flour– they were healthy chocolate peanut butter swirl pancakes. yum. i didn’t get a picture of them, regrettably, because i was so happy to eat them. i was super proud of myself. they were also super filling, too. i only ate 2.5 of my pancakes and eating less than normal always makes me feel like i’ve achieved a victory CUZ IM AN EATER.

for lunch, we had some leftover tofu that needed to be used before it went bad, so i made red curry with tofu and lots of veggies, including carrots, celery, a red pepper, a potato, and some cilantro. it was… decent. we put it over instant brown rice. i think i figured out the problem– i had too many vegetables and not enough coconut milk or curry paste. next time, i have to remember to put more of the other ingredients in if i want to use that many vegetables. but, it was filling and pretty healthy. it didn’t look like much, but it wasn’t terrible the way i expected…


dinner was a veggie sub from subway and a few beers. i felt pretty crappy after only a couple, but they were delicious while i was drinking them. so good. i love beer.

this morning, i woke up around 9:30, which is amazing because this little guy…


normally doesn’t let us sleep that long. ever. he looks pretty disgusted here, huh? don’t let this face fool you. he’s a sweetie and he fucking loves to cuddle. after i woke up, i made omelets out of eggs a friend gave us from her chickens. they were delicious omelets. i had green peppers and onions in mine, topped with vegan cheese. boyfriend just had green peppers and sharp cheddar. i also tried greek yogurt for the first time!

greek yogurrrrt!!!

it was very, very good. i appreciate thick yogurt (insert another obligatory sex/semen/penis joke here)

we skipped “lunch time” and went to the gym instead. there, i planned to tackle the dreaded week 4 day 1 of c25k. today called for a five minute warm up walk, 3 minutes of jogging, 90 seconds of walking, 5 minutes of jogging, 2:30 minutes of walking and then the cycle repeats. it. was. hard. it was extremely difficult for me, but i’m proud i made it. my pace was less than desired and i didn’t keep track of my milestones, but i finished. i may have slowed down, but i kept jogging the entire time i was supposed to. hopefully, on tuesday, it’ll be a bit easier. it almost defeated me; i’m not too proud to admit that shit was hard. but, here i am. i survived. i just have to remember that no matter how bad i hurt during my workouts that i’m not going to stop breathing or die. i just have to keep going. HAVE TO. it’s got to get easier. i want that runner’s high, those endorphins. I WANT THOSE. and i will have them. the Shamrock Shuffle is in a little under 3 weeks. i hope i’m prepared by then!

after the gym, boyfriend and i went to eat mexican. i know it seems a little weird, but i wanted it and i only ate half of mine. i packed the rest into a box and brought it home. i got into the mood to bake tonight and i needed a kitchen block of knives, so i made a trip out and bought some kitchen knives and new measuring cups. TA DA!!

new kitchen shiiiiit!

i found a recipe to make baked, low fat banana doughnuts. i also tried to make snickerdoodle cookies, but i really botched those. the doughnuts started looking like this…

banana doughnut dough

it was incredibly sticky, but it was worth it becauuuuseeee…..

baked banana doughnuts!!!!

awesome!! they’ll taste great with a little peanut butter or cinnamon butter. i’m excited.

the snickerdoodles aren’t even worth mentioning. i’ll try harder next time.

if anyone ever wanders where i get my recipes, i get them from this GREAT website called Oh She Glows. she’s a pretty amazing woman. you should check her story out if you get a chance.

that’s pretty much been my weekend. baking, cuddling with my dog and boyfriend, and going to the gym. i’m not ready for this week to start yet, but i’m confident i’m going to rock it out. i hope you guys have had a great weekend, too. stay healthy, y’all.

up next: an update about orange juice.


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