Weekend Updates!

what up saturday

good evening, everyone! saturdays are wonderful. my saturday has been filled with lots of happy things, including an awesome lunch with my parents and a UK win over Florida. i also bought some new clothes today (with my Target gift card OH YEAH) and other happy objects, which i will discuss later.

this weekend has been pretty neat so far. after the bummer of a wednesday  and thursday i had, i tried to turn my week around my completing C25k Week 4 Day 3 on thursday night and i discovered something very crucial about myself: i absolutely, positively hate working out in the evening. by the time i got to the gym around 7pm, it was crowded and i was exhausted from the week. but, i managed to get through it, even though i didn’t do as well as i wished. as a consequence, i will probably repeat that day just to make sure i’m ready to move on to the next week, which is fucking insane and i’m actually kinda terrified, but i’m sure i’ll get through it. it might not be the best time i can do, but i’ll be damned if i let a program beat me. after struggling through it, i went to Toasty Yoga and was so amazed at not only how well i did, but how flexible my muscles have become and how much stronger i am compared to yoga a couple of months ago. additionally, toasty yoga was warm and i kept sweating, which was nice. i felt SO GOOD after the class. i went home, changed, met up with some friendlies at the bar, but didn’t drink anything (except a rando shot). proud of myself.


friday, i spent the day cleaning with boyfriend. i also got my packet in the mail for…


the nutritionist. i am seeing a nutritionist on Wednesday and they sent me this packet with a questionnaire. it asks all kinds of questions, including my alcohol and tobacco use. i also have to write down everything i eat on tuesday. awesome. i’m kind of nervous but REALLY excited about this. i hope it gives me a good direction. i need to think of some questions to ask her while i have her. more importantly, the visits aren’t even that expensive. very thankful for this opportunity.

in other news…


TOMS ARE HERE TOMS ARE HERE TOMS ARE HERE AND I AM NOT WEARING THEM UNTIL THERE IS NO CHANCE OF RAIN SLEET SNOW OR HURRICANES. they are beautiful and still have the tag on them. my heart swooned when the guy delivered them. i’m so excited. i love TOMS. this pair came with a flag, which doubles as a bag, a sticker, and a TOMS bracelet. i was a super happy camper because i love all of those things. i love the elephants on them, too.

i also bought…

oh snap heart rate monitor!

a heart rate monitor, which came with a chest strap so now i have no excuses: i can run outside. this is both awesome and nerve-wracking. but, my running is improving so much that i felt i needed one of these anyway and it wasn’t that expensive. when i get into running forreal though instead of just this lame jog walk bullshit i’ve been doing, i’ll invest in more serious gear. super stoked. faaaaaaaaantastic!

today, before having lunch with my parents, boyfriend and i found out the gym opens 2 hours earlier than i thought it did on saturday, so we squeeeezed some exercise in before heading to Lexington. i opted for the elliptical for 25 minutes and tackled the treadmill for a mile or so of running. i have found the elliptical just doesn’t do it for me anymore. there is something exhilarating, wonderful, phenomenal about running that the elliptical just cannot replace or even match. but, i still like doing it because it burns more calories than i’m burning while running at this point. today was another milestone in my running career. not only did a hit a mile at 12:10 (5 seconds slower than last time!), but i also ran .55 mile without stopping. i walked from .55 to .65 and then ran the rest of the way without stopping. i slowed down a bit, but my overall average pace was 12:30 a mile. i love improvements and i love feeling my body shift and change to accommodate the physical exercise i require of it. i have also only had 2 cigarettes in the past 24 hours and i didn’t even smoke either one of them fully. i think i’m slowly letting it go and it feels good. my lungs feel better and i feel better. either way, according to The Daily Mile, i’ve burned almost 4,000 calories this week. go kara, go!

one more purchase

i have a weakness for this stuff

it’s a 1L water bottle! yay! it’s reusable and better for the environment! AND I DO LOVE WATER.

that’s about it for now, folks. i hope you guys have had wonderful, relaxing weekends and have gotten to experience some fun stuff. stay healthy, y’all.


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