Food Adventures & A Pretty Glorious Sunday!

hi there sunday

i have a really bad habit of making posts on Sunday nights when i should be engaging in other activities… like doing my homework or studying for the FIRST TEST I HAVE HAD TO TAKE IN THE PAST YEAR. WHAT?! it’s over History of the English Language…five chapters of it… dear god. i’m also working to finish some journal entries for my Composition Theory class. it’s really hard to stay motivated sometimes when i have all of these wonderful changes occurring in my life. i’m afraid i’m so positive and enthusiastic about all of it right now that i’m eventually going to lose steam and i know i’m going to come to roadblocks, bumps, and plateaus, but i really want this to become the way i permanently live my life– the gym, eating well, and being generally healthy. i’m hoping this desperate desire to maintain this lifestyle will carry me through all those moments when it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. i know it will. anyway, as i was saying, it’s really hard for me to focus on school sometimes because i’m really into cooking right now. i love cooking and all i want to do is cook, and bake, and explore these different fitness options for my body. i think school in general might just be a struggle.

this weekend, i had plenty of food adventures and I LOVE having those, even if they don’t turn out as well as i would have originally hope. i love the idea of making something new and have it come out delicious. and, even if it’s terrible, at least i’ve learned specific things about specific dishes in order not to make those mistakes again. this is SO EXCITING. i’m sorry. i’ve been having a geek moment over how much i love cooking lately. i made homemade vegan banana bread (which was amazing) but i did not get a picture of it. honestly, i wish i could have a reminder every time i cook something rather than just cutting it up and eating some of it. it was made with flax seed eggs rather than a chicken’s egg and instead of using vegetable oil, i used applesauce. next time, i may put some vegan chocolate chips in it and see how i like it that way. i also tried, emphasis on tried, to make a vegan lime cheesecake, but it was honestly one of the weirdest things i’ve ever made or eaten. i put some fresh strawberries on top of it to try to richen the flavor, but nothing seemed to work. the crust fell apart and it kind of got brown where it was in the oven too long…oops? i wasn’t a fan, but i think i may have prepared it wrong. there was something missing. maybe i’ll try again soon and hope for the best. we also made pizza…

homemade pizza YUM!

with the exception of the cheese, everything was homemade. the crust was homemade and the SAUCE was homemade and let me tell you something, that sauce was the best. effing. sauce. i have ever had. it was tangy, flavorful, and thick (HAHA SEX JOKE) and fit the pizza perfectly. this is a vegan pizza, which was completely vegan as the crust had no animal products in it and neither, obviously, did the sauce. i cannot express to you how amazing this sauce was– in the words of my boyfriend “it made the pizza.” thankfully, we still have some left! on the vegan pizza there were green, orange, and yellow peppers on it as well as onions with a combination of veggie italian cheeses and cheddar cheese. yum. so good. i will never, ever buy store bought, canned sauce ever again because this stuff only took 15 minutes to make and was super cheap! yay!

one of my milestones today, though, was finally making enchiladas. i’ve been planning for weeks to make a batch of homemade veggie enchiladas with my new pans i bought, along with a couple of bread pans. i had the enchilada sauce and all the spices, so it was settled as the choice for dinner. i cut up some green peppers and cooked them in a skilled with some different spices and let it cook for a few minutes, eventually adding it to black beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes with green chilies

veggie bean mixture!

exciting! the mixture was then spooned into the middle of a tortilla, which had a layer of vegan sour cream right down the middle

vegan enchilada

and then the tortillas were wrapped and placed in a pool of red enchilada sauce and topped with a little bit of vegan cheese, or in boyfriend’s case real mexican and sharp cheddar cheeses. this picture, though, is only of my enchiladas

preppin' da' enchiladaz

and then put into the oven for 30 minutes. the pans are then removed, uncovered, and you add a little more cheese, if desired, to the top of the enchiladas. the results look a little something like this


then removed from the pan and dished out onto plates for us to eat.


they were delicious and i have an extra one to take for lunch tomorrow! success!

in the realm of exercise, i had a pretty great day today. i had previously thought i was going to stick to Week 4 Day 3 of C25k because i was afraid i wasn’t ready for this week, but apparently, my lungs have decided to humor me and i’ve challenged Week 5 Day 1 and won. it was composed of a 5 minute warm up walk, 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of running, and a 5 minute cooldown walk. my pace was a little slower today, but i think it’s because i lose so much time in the 5 minutes at the beginning of the program walking; otherwise, i feel like i’d be on the same pace as the days where i’m jogging a single mile just to maintain my progress. either way, i’m pretty proud that i’ve challenged myself and have succeeded. i cannot fail. i just have to keep going. movement is important and i will keep moving. next round is ridiculous and includes 8 minutes of running. the last day of this week is running 20 minutes without stopping. i am scared. i am terrified. but, i think i can do it. i then jumped on the elliptical for 20 minutes and amped up the amount of resistance i was doing and upped the crossramp from a solid 10 to the range of 16-20. it was the most i’ve sweat on the elliptical in a couple of weeks and it felt good. i embarked upon some strength training for my arms today. i didn’t realize how weak my arms are, but this is bound to change as i get stronger.

i have a new goal in my life right now, but i’m not ready to share it. i think it will keep me motivated, but it will have the chance to overwhelm me and mess with my progress so far if i think about it too much. i don’t want to get ahead of myself right now, but the idea of longterm plans makes me incredibly excited. the countdown to the Shamrock Shuffle is about 12 days. i was really nervous, but now, i’m ready to take it on. i’m ready to be initiated into the league of people who just run for fun for chairtable causes.

well, it’s 11:28 on a Sunday night. i have a long day ahead of me tomorrow. i hope everyone is ready for this week. as of thursday at 5:45pm, i’ll be on spring break. i’m ready for that break. stay healthy, y’all.


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One thought on “Food Adventures & A Pretty Glorious Sunday!”

  1. You have turned into quite the gourmet vegan cook!I love your blog and now I am really intrigued about this new goal. I shall wait until you are ready to spill the beans!! Love you girlie and I love keeping up with the Kara life in this blog!

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