That’s A Big Ol’ Update.

afternoon, y'all

goooooood afternoon, friends. it is wednesday, the sun is shining in Kentucky, and today has been wonderful. i sound really, really perky right now and i am, but you must understand that today has been the best day i have had in months…YEARS even. it started with a major success yesterday and my life has just been getting better and better and better! i hope everyone is having a wonderful wednesday. i just have to get through one more day of work and class and then i can officially begin my spring break.

yesterday started off kind of… rocky, for lack of a better word. it was hard to wake up, it was hard to get out of bed, and after not going to the gym monday, my entire mojo was thrown off by a sudden change in the schedule i have built for myself. but, boyfriend and i got up and made it to the gym. i stretched a bit, jumped on the elliptical, and picked the weight loss program. it moves back and forth between cross-train levels and resistance levels and i sweat so much. i literally sweat a small child out of my body. i had been looking at the track in the gym and contemplating using it since my 3k Race is coming up next week. my friend, Micah, was also at the gym and kind of solidified my decision to use the track and i was terrified. completely terrified. i remembered the moments on the track in January when i struggled to get around jogging at least once and i was so scared that even after all of this work, i was still going to be incompetent at running on my own rather than with the help of a treadmill. but, i was a fucking success and the greatest success i have been because


you see that? that’s two fucking miles and you know what? i ran a mile for the very first time IN MY ENTIRE LIFE without stopping yesterday and i did it in under 11 minutes. i stopped once from 1.05-1.10 to fix my phone and then ran all the way to 2 miles. i did 2 miles in 23 minutes and 36 seconds. i could have cried at the gym yesterday and i was so proud of myself it hurt. i never thought in a million years that i would be a person who could accomplish something like this. i know it’s only a mile, and my pace wasn’t fast, but i never stopped moving– i kept going and that’s what matters and i finished strong. i set my own pace, followed it and did it. i am ready for my 3k and i’m ready to dominate.

today, i saw my nutritionist


she told me i had good knowledge of what was going on with my food and my nutrition (she even called me a pro at reading a nutrition label) but the problem is i’m not eating enough! i should be eating 1900-2000 calories a day to balance out how much i’m working out. i also am not getting enough protein, so she gave me this awesome toolkit and asked me to come back in a month to check my progress. she made me feel so much better and confident about what i’m doing. she did not have a problem with my vegetarianism/pescetarianism or the tendencies i have toward veganism. i just walked out and felt a thousand times more motivated to lose weight and to do it the healthy way so i can not only lose it, but keep it off for the rest of my life. she was a sweet, sweet, person and i’m so glad i got a chance to meet her and talk to her. i’m so happy with how it went. she also gave me lists of snacks and all that shit so i can take more food to work. i just need to buy a cooler. haha.

after my nutritionist appointment, i ventured over to Whole Foods to have a look around. if there was one of these in Richmond, i would be broke constantly. but, i bought some Amy’s pita pocket entrees and some Evol burritos

Evol Vegan Faijita Veggie

delicious and good for you! this one is vegan, but i also got some bean and cheese burritos to try later this week. i ate this with some gardin of eatin’ tortilla chips, 2 carrot sticks, and a greek yogurt that i put in the freezer and froze so it’s FROZEN GREEK YOGURT OMG YUM. i am absolutely in love with Greek yogurt. i wish i would have discovered it sooner. forreal.


this is the brand my nutritionist told me to check out, but i’ve also been eating Oikos and Fage and it’s been awesome, too. but, this brand is something else, y’all. if you like greek yogurt, or yogurt at all, and you want to try something delicious, pick one of these up for personal consumption. you may not like it if you don’t dig thicker yogurt, but if you like it, it’s great for kicking a sweet tooth or for a snack before a work out. it’s got a great source of protein and carbohydrates.

in other news, today was a weigh in day and my weigh is: 240.2. i am down 2 pounds this week, friends, which puts me at a total weight loss of around 10 pounds. i also took my measurements this morning and lo and behold, i had lost inches, too! so here’s the basic rundown

Starting Weight: 250.2

Starting Inches:

  • Bust: 44
  • Chest: 42
  • Upper Waist: 41
  • Middle Waist: 48
  • Hips: 49.5
  • Thigh: 29
  • Calf: 18.5

Current Weight: 240.2

Current Inches:

  • Bust: 42 (-2)
  • Chest: 40.5 (-1.5)
  • Upper Waist: 38.5 (-2.5)
  • Middle Waist: 45.5 (-2.5)
  • Hips: 47 (-2)
  • Thigh: 27.5 (-1.5)
  • Calf: 18.5 (-)

that’s 12 inches. so, officially, i have lost 12 inches from around various areas of my body and i’ve lost 10 pounds. pretty good way to start the day, i do believe. i’m proud of the work that i’ve done and the work i will continue to do. i’m not nearly finished yet, but to actually feel like i’m getting somewhere just takes me to another level of motivation. i will do this and i will become who i’ve always wanted to be. stay healthy, y’all.

ps: i have not smoked a cigarette since Saturday afternoon.


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One thought on “That’s A Big Ol’ Update.”

  1. I am so so so proud of you! This news is great. Your hard work is paying off and it shows. You are looking so good and a glow of health.
    The most exciting news of this blog is that you haven’t smoked. Love you girlie!

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