All I Do is Win?

no. no i don't.

happy monday. i am on spring break, so it doesn’t feel like monday– it feels like Saturday and it will feel that way for the next week. i’m happy with that. i needed the break. well, friends, it’s been a slacking, ridiculous few days for the heavy hipster. i’ve been in and out of town since Friday and consequently, had not gotten into the gym since Thursday morning. while i understand and am completely okay with a  little bit of slacking, i figured having a little accountability and actually writing out what’s happened will get me back on track. plus, it’s been a few days since the last update and i don’t want to give anyone the impression that i’m backing down from my fight with fat.

thursday night, i tried a new little recipe i found on another blog. right now, i’m having trouble remembering where i got it from, but the website is awesome and it was a recipe for mexican lasagna. in the recipe, it called for cream of chicken and chicken for the mixture; instead, i used cream of celery and black beans for the protein.


you rip up some tortillas, layer the bottom of a pan and spread the mixture. on top of it, you put some salsa and some cheese.

layer 2

and then you add another layer of tortillas and another layer of mixture and so on and so forth as if you were making the original italian lasagna. it was delicious, filling, and kept really well in the fridge. you bake it for around 30 minutes or so and it comes out looking ah-mazing

well.... this isn't baked but you can imagine!

i forgot to take a picture of the final project in the pan. don’t judge me! but, i do have a picture of it on my plate before it entered my awaiting belly


i then hung out with my dog for the rest of the night

little carvmonster

he doesn’t look happy with me, but he’ll deal with it. he wants attention all the time and he’ll take it.

friday, boyfriend, myself, and others from my graduate program ventured up to Frankfort to present at the Kentucky Philological Association or KPA, which is a paper conference for nerdy english kids like myself. it was a good time and it was my first encounter with the world of academia in the sense that i have never presented at a conference before. i’ve presented my Honors Program senior thesis, but it was mostly to my friends and others who knew me. this was to a bunch of strangers, and lo and behold, i had a douchebag in my panel who preyed on unsuspecting graduate students in order to make himself look smarter. he was a total chach. the rest of the day, we went to other panels, had a lunch of mexican food and i tried to keep it relatively decent. i had shrimp fajitas and only ate two of the tortillas and drank a bunch of water.

after the conference, we came home and…partied. i hadn’t partied in a really, really long time but i wanted to do it and i had a blast. it felt nice just to get out and about with some of my friends, have some drinks, and release all of the tension from the first half of the semester. the problem is i continued to eat like crap all throughout the weekend and didn’t really try to stop myself the way i should have. sunday was a little better but i was still not living up to the standards i had previously set for myself when i started this journey two months ago. but, regardless of my food consumption and my lack of working out, i had a good weekend and really got a chance to reflect on what i’ve done and what i have coming up. my first race is Saturday and i could not be more excited or nervous about something. this is a completely new and undiscovered activity for me. i’m just excited that some wonderful people are running it with me.

speaking of running, i decided today that i was not going to sit at home anymore when i needed to be getting my ass into the gym and getting amped for this race! it was a little difficult and it’s amazing how hard it is to create habits, good healthy habits, and how easy it is to shatter them with a few days of neglect. anyway, i went and got on the elliptical and did interval training, which always makes me sweat and makes me feel like i got an amazing work out. halfway through the workout, i started coughing, which is something i have not done in a long time, which made me anxious about running. i definitely felt the negative consequences of having such an unrestricted weekend when it came to food and exercise. i had not been smoking cigarettes, but had a few over the weekend (weekend of partying again don’t judge) and i was nervous i would struggle more with it today than i had been. surprisingly, i kept up pretty well and might have even been a little faster than i was on Thursday. i finished Week 5 Day 3 of C25k which is just a warm up walk, 20 minutes of jogging, and a cool down, but since i warmed up on the elliptical, i just jogged through the cool down and the warm up, which led me to running 30 minutes without stopping and finishing 2.51 miles. it’s moments like these where i forget to think about the scale and how it reads and remember all of the awesome things i’ve accomplished that i couldn’t do two months ago. i couldn’t even fucking run 60 seconds in a row without struggling and now, i’m doing 30 minutes and knocking 2.51 miles out of the way. the only problem with my workout today is I COULD HAVE KEPT GOING after i stopped and i was pretty disgruntled at first, but i got home AND!!!!!!!!!!

C25K SHIRT!!!!

last week, i won a free shirt from the creators of my C25k app and it got here TODAY! i am so incredibly nerdy, lame, and excited about wearing this shirt around! yayayayay!! lunch today is tuna salad made with laughing cow cheese instead of mayo (yuck), steamed green beans, and a Greek yogurt because i’m obsessed and addicted to it. my body is going to have to remember that this is how we eat now, not how we have been eating over the weekend.

well, that’s it. i’m back on track and ready to go. tomorrow, i am going to get up early and run outside for the first time before i take a mini-trip with some friends outside the city. i want to get a workout in and this is going to be the best time to introduce myself to running outside and getting ready for the different terrain on Saturday. hopefully, some other plans i have will work out and i’ll get to see some friends who are having fun in different places throughout the US. i hope everyone is having a great start to their week. stay healthy, y’all.


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