Drink, Drank, Drunk: St. Patrick’s Day & Celebrations of Joy

looking back on last week's bullshit

this is an upset, grumpy face and i am looking back on my last week of living like an undergrad and acting like a total weirdo. i also now have brown hair again for the first time since 2007.  this is going to be a post of complete and total honesty because i need to feel the consequences and repercussions of everything i’ve done since tuesday…yeah, i haven’t been to the gym since tuesday and i don’t think i’ve actually eaten two meals in one day until today. alright, here we go, y’all.

wednesday, after i made my update, i had to go to Georgetown and pick my parents up; their piece of shit car crapped out on them on the way to work this morning and because i love my parents so much, i hauled ass up there and brought them home. fortunately, the work which needs to be done to it will not be terribly expensive. up until dinner time, i had eaten pretty well. i had some dried fruit, an Amy’s pocket sandwich thing, and had consumed a good amount of water. that night, boyfriend was working on preparing for comps so i decided to conquer a fear– eating alone at a restaurant. i didn’t feel like cooking and i really wanted potato soup, so… i went to O’Charley’s and got some potato soup with no bacon. for dinner itself, i had the california shrimp salad, which was effing delicious. it consists of grilled shrimp, tangerines, strawberries, walnuts, blue cheese crumbles, topped with balsamic vinaigrette on spinach. so good. i also bought andy some fried cheese wedges and had a couple of those because, honestly, they’re fucking delicious and i wanted them. oh well.

thursday…is when life begins to go downhill and for some reason, my undergraduate urges kicked in high gear and friends, i went on a three day bender beginning with


green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. initially, i had not planned on attending St. Patrick’s Day festivities; there was a huge celebration i was saving myself for on Saturday night, but as St. Patrick’s Day continued, i wanted nothing more than to have a green beer or two on the patio with some friends and generally celebrate having the luxury of going to the bar on a thursday afternoon so…. i skipped class, left work 45 minutes early, and walked to the Paddy Wagon to get my Irish on. to eat that day, i had a breakfast sandwich, a bagel, and some pretzel poppers with nacho cheese (because you know what, i was on my fucking period and wanted to eat like shit whatever) and i had PLANNED on eating dinner, but it didn’t happen and one beer turned into two which turned into pitchers and before i knew it, i was very, very drunk my friends. before 5pm, i had already fallen on the patio and after 5pm, my memory of events becomes fuzzy and/or completely non-existent BUT I DON’T CARE I HAD FUN.

i bought that hat for 2 dolla!

i drank from around 3:30pm to around 10:30pm and then put myself out of the game for the evening and retired to my apartment, but ONLY after my boyfriend took me to taco bell and i made an ass of myself in the drive-thru. in fact, boyfriend said “if you talk to this worker, i will drive away.” i talked to the worker and he didn’t drive away! but, i didn’t eat very much of my food; i gave most of it to andy and instead, went to sleep.

i woke up friday and just said “waaaaaterrrr,” a leaflet taken from my friend Rhianna‘s quote book i keep mentally in my head and for awhile, i teetered between throwing up and being fine. fortunately, i was fine. i ate my lunch of fast food, because i suck and i was super hung over, and ended up dying my hair brown

hello brown hair!

so i showered and walked my dog to the aforementioned Rhianna&Micah’s apartment and sat on the patio, drank more beer, and bullshitted with my friends for a couple of hours. it was fun and the walk tired both me and Carver out. he slept incredibly well on Friday night. after leaving M&R’s, i went to lexington with Madison & Sam to watch Sam play. the proceeds from her show benefit the Bluegrass Rape Crisis Center, so it was for a good cause and i got to listen to good music! drank more beer at her show, came back to Richmond, made appearances at both The Paddy Wagon and Nikki’s and drank more beer and went home. ridiculous. just ridiculous. finally, when i got home, i ate again at 1 in the morning. i had a broccoli & cheddar lean pocket and some garden of eatin’ chips and salsa.

i woke up the next morning early and attended my sorority’s initiation for the first time as an alum. i had some shitty fast food breakfast because, hey, i wanted it and i felt like shit. good. after initiation, i met my friends at the bar to watch the UK v. WVU game. Micah is a huge WVU fan and Rhianna’s mister-mister is also a WVU fan, so they were cheering against the rest of us and we started drinking… at noon.

real shirt on a dude at the bar

for lunch, i had a grilled cheese with some chips and a couple of mozzarella sticks.the game was awesome, the company was awesome, and even after the game was over, we ended up out on the patio of the Wagon and then back at M&R’s just enjoying the warm weather and doing some serious daydrinking. daydrinking is a sport. after boyfriend was done with his comps, we ended back at the wagon and we closed the bar down and just had fun celebrating birthdays, the end of comps and all kinds of stuff. this, though, means i drank beer for 13 hours straight.

what the hell is going on?

i felt like a damn undergrad. i had my party pants on and i was there to have fun, which did have. more taco bell was ingested after the bar and it’s probably the only thing that kept me from waking up today feeling like garbage…well, it happened anyway but whatevs. i ate some mexican food this morning, some chinese food tonight and now that my body officially feels like i’ve trashed it, i remember why i stepped away from this lifestyle in the first place. i feel incredibly bogged down, heavy, and sluggish. i do not want to do anything; i do not feel good. tomorrow, i’ll be back at the gym and it’s going to suck to run BECAUSE I SMOKED TWO PACKS OF CIGARETTES THIS WEEKEND. i went from smoking NO cigarettes at all to freight-training in one weekend. i am going to chalk this up to it being a holiday weekend and a weekend full of so much happiness, fun, and relief for some of my friends. i think sometimes we, as people, just have to let go and have fun. i’ll be back on my health wagon tomorrow with week 6 day 2 of C25k, some elliptical, and some strength training. i have to keep going. success does not depend on how many times you fall off of your wagon, but how many times you can get back up, dust yourself off, and continue, right?

have a good week and stay healthy, y’all.


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5 thoughts on “Drink, Drank, Drunk: St. Patrick’s Day & Celebrations of Joy”

  1. I don’t know you well enough yet to drag you over the coals, but I want to.

    What do you want? Big picture? There are lots and lots of holiday weekends. There are lots and lots of opportunities to spend whole days drinking and smoking. I am very glad you aren’t beating yourself up because you can’t change it. But I know, from experience, you have to have a certain amount of regret and determination to not let it happen again. Or it will. And you will just spin your wheels. And that isn’t fun.

    So what is your plan to get it back together?

    1. thank you for your honesty. i really appreciate it. big picture, i just want to be healthy and that includes monitoring how much i drink and quitting smoking all together. this weekend i exhibited an uncharacteristic lack of self-control and i let my goals slip. while i did have fun this weekend, waking up this morning and dreading how terrible i was going to feel throughout my workout was not something i enjoyed.

      this week, i am not going to workout to make up for how much i drank or ate this week– i’m going to workout to remind myself why i initially did this in the first place and it’s hard to stay on track sometimes, but i know i can do it because i’ve done it before. i’m almost three months into this journey and i do not want to give up the progress i’ve made, especially in the running department. i’ve got my meals planned out for the week, some new recipes to try, and my body is begging for good food. thank you, again, for forcing me to reevaluate my goals.

  2. Ha! Waaattteeerrr! 🙂

    Also – I’m very glad you brought CarvMonster to the apt on Friday – his cuddles were just what I needed after that gross day at work!

    I’m sorry that my mister likes all the wrong teams. 😦 But he likes all of you. 🙂

  3. No matter what you do, you’re my idol. I think you’re amazing for dedicating yourself to this. Did the world end because you had a good time? NO! And everyone needs to break away from their rules every once in a while. It’s healthy and necessary.
    Love you. Stay golden 🙂

  4. Your honesty is something we could all use! Yeah you might nave blown it but you are back on track today and that is what counts!
    I love your brown hair so much. It is so pretty!

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