The Injury: Realizing How Much My Training Means to Me


happy sunday, everyone. i’ve been awake since around 6:30 this morning dealing with my injury…which is lame. before i can actually get into the story of my fateful tale, i must relay the positives which occurred throughout this week. i feel the need to apologize because i’ve been uncharacteristically absent from my blog and honestly, i’ve been struggling a lot with my goals and with the results i really want to see. i had to take some time to really evaluate what i want and there’s nothing like having something terrible happen, like being injured, to make you realize just how much your progress means to you. unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to me.

i made some bad ass shrimp enchiladas this week.

filling for shrimp enchiladas!

the recipe called for half & half, but i used soy half & half instead; it also called for sour cream and i used low-fat sour cream. they were pretty delicious. i regret i didn’t get a picture of the final product and i realize i’ve been slacking on the pictures of the food i have been making. i’m going to put more effort into that section of the blog again because i miss discussing food. plus, if i am excited about posting it on the blog, i’ll probably make a better attempt to make sure it’s healthier than something i would normally eat if i wasn’t reducing calories.

this week, i finished week 6 of C25k; i’d like to say that i owned it, but i did the best i could. my pace has dropped from around 13:20 a mile to around 12:50 a mile, so i am seeing improvement for running. although i am happy about this progress, as always, i wish i would get faster overnight. i know, though, it will not happen that way. my problem right now is dealing with how slow this process actually is. i’ve been discussing with several friends the amount of time it takes to not only build true physical endurance, but to lose weight and it takes a LONG. FUCKING. TIME. that’s why so many people give up so early– the results do not come fast enough. we, as an American society and myself included, expect solutions and results to happen immediately; we like instant gratification and when we actually have to work for something we want, it makes it that much harder. you can’t just shave weight off, and although it’s unfortunate, it makes losing weight that much more rewarding. it’s just getting to that reward. i’m struggling to remember this right now and i am letting small setbacks ruin my entire mentality.

back to C25k. my last run with any sort of walk in it was on Tuesday; Thursday, i had to run for 25 minutes, but i pushed it to 26 minutes to get two miles in. unfortunately, that was the last time i ran and will probably be the last run i’ll have for awhile because, as i’ve alluded to earlier, i hurt myself pretty badly on friday night.

nervous nervous nervous!

friday night was the UK v. Ohio State game and i was totally amped. i had been nervous and anxious all day long waiting for the game to start and was, in all actuality, under-prepared for how intense the game was. within the first five minutes, i was pacing around the bar freaking out, chugging beer, and trying to calm down. after the second half, it got that much more ridiculous. i looked at adam, our waiter, and demanded Kentucky bourbon. as the seconds counted down and UK won, i jumped into the air to celebrate and came down, hard, on my left foot. i felt every single tendon tense and i’m pretty sure i heard something snap, crackle, or pop. regardless, i walked around on it for the rest of the night, and in another moment of celebration with another fan, rolled it again. now, i do not know how many people roll their ankles; i roll one of mine at least 3 times a year depending. i have done it sober. i have done it drunk. i have kept it iced, elevated, and have tried to make sure i didn’t do too much too soon, but i think i may have actually hurt myself this time.

ice pack & ace bandage 😦

after waking up yesterday and examining my foot, i realized i won’t be running for awhile and, to be truthful, i’m devastated. just…devastated. i cannot even articulate just how terrible i feel about it. i am not going to blame it on being drunk– i’ve been drunk plenty of times without incident. i am not going to blame it on being excited– it was an accident and accidents happen. i am just going to have to take care of myself. for now, i am looking at different ways to keep myself active with an injured foot and am focusing more on nutrients to put into my body. i’m sure i’ll recover in the next month or so, but the idea of not having running in my life for that long scares me. it scares the fuck out of me, if we’re being honest. but, i can only keep moving forward. i’ll be making a doctor’s appointment soon to make sure i didn’t snap any tendons and i’ll begin to recover. i wish i could rest as easy as this little dude

ze Carvmonster

stay healthy, y’all.


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3 thoughts on “The Injury: Realizing How Much My Training Means to Me”

  1. Sorry to hear about your ankle. I curl/sprain mine a lot too. I’m surprised I didn’t hurt myself the other night as well. What a freakin’ intense game. Hopefully you will be good to go in a week or two…maybe less? Until then, maybe you could do crunches and ad-exercises so you stay used to the movement and don’t have a had time starting back. I’m really proud of how well you have been doing on your training and weight loss! How much have you managed to drop so far? I’ve only been dieting and doing a little walking here and there…and I’ve managed to drop 23lbs since Christmas…that’s only 1-3 pounds per week…but I’ve always heard if you lose it slow, you’re more likely to keep it off?

    1. i’ve lost around 12 pounds since January; i’ve lost around 15 inches, too, off various areas of the body. i’m going to continue to go to the gym and probably focus on strength training to keep my metabolism up and to keep my muscles up. EKU also has some swim hours in the morning and i may start doing that. it’ll probably be easier on my foot and will give me a jumpstart for triathlon training. congrats on your weight loss!

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