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i know i just updated yesterday, but i had to update again today because I RAN TODAY!!! it wasn’t much of a run and i wasn’t very fast at all, but knowing i can do it again and start building my body back up to the shape i was in before i hurt myself makes me incredibly excited. it’s also a relief, too!

this morning, i woke up at 6:30AM and made it to the pool by 7. i swam 16 laps/32 lengths, which is 800 yards. that rounds out to about .4 miles of swimming 25 minutes. i was pretty pleased with myself, seeing as how i battled to get out of bed this morning. thankfully, the dog was barking so i had to get up and deal with him. once i stepped outside and got wind of the chilly air, i was awake and ready to go. after swimming, i came home, changed, and headed back to the gym for some other cardio. i hopped on a bike and rode 5 miles in 23 minutes, which isn’t super fast but i don’t feel like it’s terribly slow, either. the resistance kept moving back and forth, so i got a nice workout. then, i looked at the track and wanted, longed, craved running so i jumped out there and jogged a little. i ran .55 of a mile in 7 minutes. my foot hurt a little bit so i stopped, but just knowing i can do it again makes me feel so much better about this whole exercise/training/living thing. i feel happier.

it’s off to class and work for me now (without shoes, i might add!) in a much better mood than i’ve experienced in a couple of weeks. i hope you all are having a great tuesday. stay healthy, y’all.


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