Sunday Funday: Rededicating Myself to My Goals

i look like a hobo today, but whatevs!

i’ve been in the middle of a terrible battle the past few weeks, friends. since January 2nd, i have been aiming to create a better body, mind, and soul, but i have seriously been neglecting my goals; my determination and dedication has excessively waned. essentially, i’ve been neglecting the food portion of my journey. i’ve also been slacking off on weekends instead of using that open time to try new exercise, like going to parks or just walking around my neighborhood with my dog. i am not embarking upon these activities and am letting the lazy part of me get the best of my food decisions. instead of making something at home, saving money and calories, i opt instead for food outside of my home because it’s easy. i need to learn to do what’s right, not what’s easy. i can’t expect anything to happen positively to my body if i only treat it positively for the first four days of the week. i keep thinking “it’ll be easier when i have an office in the fall because i’ll have a microwave and a fridge.” but the things in life that are worth something aren’t always easy and this means something to me. becoming an athlete, losing weight, learning to treat myself better is worth something to me. i have come so far since January, and although my progress has been slow, i recognize that it’s my fault because i haven’t been doing everything in my power to make sure i’m getting the nutrients i need. i’m not moving my body the way it wants to be moved. i want to change all of this, but i know it’s going to be hard.

this weekend, i’ve been really considering my options and while they haven’t been the best options, they’ve been better than options i’ve previously made. a couple of times, i’ve consciously made the decision to make food inside the apartment rather than going out and spending money. yesterday, after boyfriend and i got home from gallivanting around Lexington for a couple of hours, i decided to make homemade pizzas since we have so many veggies and toppings right now.

homemade crust and sauce!

the crust has five ingredients: flour, yeast, olive oil, salt, and water. it cooks in 15 minutes. it is delicious and a great crust for that sauce, which is the sauce i’m always going on and on and on about. for the pizza, though, i mashed up the tomatoes for a thicker sauce. i can’t even handle how good that sauce is. i can’t wait until i get some of my parents’ tomatoes and use fresh garden vegetables instead of canned vegetables.

mine is the left side; boyfriend's is the right

the left hand side of the pizza is my pizza– green peppers, onions, and some goat cheese. andy’s side has spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, and feta cheese. then

pizza! pizza! pizza!

the left hand side, again, is mine and it has some mozzarella with a sprinkle of parmesean; the right hand side has mozzarella, parmesean, and cheddar. it was delicious. we also had some veggie buffalo chick’n wings and a breadstick. it was a great afternoon meal and it was incredibly easy and filling, too.

today, i went to the grocery store and picked up some things for the week, including frozen yogurt. one of my biggest downfalls these past couple of weeks has been an unquenchable need for ice cream and with frozen yogurt, i will get that frozen creaminess i want, but without all the fat and calories… and without the bellyache considering i’m mildly lactose intolerant but insist on eating dairy anyway. i bought corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas and i feel like small decisions like this will eventually create good, natural habits.

i’m still working on training for a triathlon, but i got a wild hair up my ass and thought about maybe doing a series of triathlons this summer, starting with the Markey Race for Women’s Cancer in June, followed by the Lame Duck Try-Athlon in July and ending with the Susan Bradley Tri for Sight in September. we’ll see about all this, though. i don’t want to get in over my head, but i think it would be a good way to keep me motivated and active all summer. i’ll keep everything updated!

i’m feeling pretty motivated today. i know i can do this. stay healthy, y’all.


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3 thoughts on “Sunday Funday: Rededicating Myself to My Goals”

  1. I know it sounds weird, but your motivation totally motivates me! I stumbled on this blog searching nutrition and I just think you’re awesome. I’m totally working on overcoming cravings- especially for ice cream, so i totally get where you’re coming from. Good luck!

    1. that’s not weird; that’s what a community is all about! your blog is also incredibly inspiring. i’m glad someone understands! good luck to you, too, ma’am! 🙂

  2. You need to teach me how you make your sauce. This year I plan on freezing some sauces from all those garden fresh tomatoes! I feel your motivation and it will help me too!

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