Insanity: I Promise I’m Not Dead

finals week sucks!

eek. the time has come once again. it is the end of the semester and everyone around me, myself included, is slowly drowning in their extensive to-do lists. it’s times like this where i really question my procrastination and my methods for succeeding in school. but, obviously, that’s not affecting my dog who is sleeping soundly in the background of this photo. i’m almost finished with my first year of grad school and i feel pretty good about my progress thus far. it’s hasn’t been the easiest two semesters, but i do feel like i’ve grown more in the past 2 semesters than i have in a really long time. i encountered some of the most challenging moments of my life and i survived. i got my teaching schedule for the fall. i teach two sections of ENG 095 at 9:05 and at 11:15. i’m really excited and i’m really nervous. i get to make my own syllabus and design a class and help the little chiddens learn about English! i’m glad i’ve kind of adapted to an early morning schedule anyway, otherwise teaching would be difficult that early in the morning.

i just wanted to update and let everyone know i’m not dead. i got rear-ended last weekend and got some mild whiplash which kind of took me out of the exercise game. i’ve yet to get back in it, but i’m working toward it right now. honestly, you all, i’m struggling. i wish i could articulate this more efficiently, but all i can think to say is i’m struggling. i know this isn’t easy, but i just don’t feel like i can get anything right at all. i’m trying very hard to make sure i eat the right things and do the right things; i’m working toward becoming more active in general. i don’t have anything new to report, really. this is more of an update just to let you all know what’s going on. i haven’t abandoned my new lifestyle; i haven’t abandoned this blog. i’m just trying to get my life in order and fix everything that has gone wrong.

stay healthy, y’all.


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trying to get by in this wonderfully difficult world

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