Final’s Week Edition: Amped for Success?

emo kiiiiiid

whatever. i didn’t have any other picture i wanted to use to start off this blog post. this is a pretty recent picture of me anyway and by recent i mean as of noon today. i was trying to figure out what color my hair was in case anyone is wondering. well, four days into may and my goals are holding strong; truthfully, i’m feeling pretty awesome about this month and the months which will come after it. i have exceeded even my own expectations and i am doing well on the food front. i know i’m hitting it hard right now and some of that motivation will probably taper of a bit, but i feel really committed right now and it feels good.

last entry, i had some goals and i added one right after i published. i do not want to weigh myself the entire month of may. i believe i, and many others around me, get caught up in the number instead of in the way their bodies feel or what their bodies need. so, for the next month, i am not looking at the scale. hell, i’m not even going to measure myself. i’m going to judge my progress based on how my clothes feel and fit. then, on June 1st, i’ll do a recap, measure myself and weigh myself. along the same lines, i am not counting calories strictly for this week. i am eating when i am hungry and fueling my body with good food when it wants to eat. i am going to stop myself from eating when i am full and drink water during the day when i am bored and turn to food for something to do. this comes out of the disturbing realization that i cannot count calories for the rest of my life. it drives me absolutely crazy. so far, so good.

another one of my goals was to try a new recipe every week and i have actually tried two!  on tuesday night, i took a leaflet out of the Hungry Girl booklet and made Cajun Shrimp Pasta

cajun pastaaaa

it was awesome. delicious. filling. and i really enjoyed making it!

tonight, i made vegan potato soup

creamy potato soup packed with veggies!

it was love at first spoonful. this was served with veggie hot dogs wrapped in low fat crescent rolls. my veggie pigs in a blanket had vegan cheese inside them

veggie pigs in a blanket!

put some mustard and ketchup on them oh man delicious.

this week, i’ve also finished two days of week 7 of C25k. today gave me a little trouble– i had to walk for about 45 seconds before i started running again, but other than that, i’ve done pretty well running. monday night, i did a fantastic yoga class and tuesday morning, i did a cycling class which also had a cardio/toning interval element added on to the last 30 minutes of class. i’m feeling it. tomorrow, i’m going to go and do some cardio and then yoga at 4pm. im feeling pretty pumped.

i haven’t eaten at a restaurant once this week. i’ve been drinking fucktons of water. i’ve been looking at races. i feel good, guys. stay healthy, y’all.


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One thought on “Final’s Week Edition: Amped for Success?”

  1. Your back on track girlie and I am so glad! Your picture makes me feel like you are sad and i can’t stand a sad Kara! Glad you are going with how you feel and not the numbers!

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