A Non-Scale Victory: Using a Free Weight

i hate smiling with teef.

Editor’s Note: this entry is from last week; i just never got around to posting it. sorry, y’all!

good wednesday evening, friends! i hope your weeks are shaping up quite nicely; mine has literally been full of nothingness and goodbyes. three of my very good friends are leaving this weekend (one has already been gone for awhile, but she’s officially moving out) and the other two will eventually be back. it makes me very morose in some ways, but i know these decisions will help them more in the long run. plus, it makes them happy and i love seeing my friends happy. as far as nothingness goes, this is my week break between classes ending and my summer job starting. i actually have to go do stuff starting next week, which is probably good for my soul, considering the only activity in which i have participated is watching Law & Order: SVU so much it makes my brain hurt. i’m beginning to think in corny one-liners. soon, i’ll start having dreams about being a bad ass cop with a need for vengeance. yeah, i definitely need to get out of the apartment.

today, i went to the gym and paid my$35 dollar summer fee. i think paying for my gym is almost helpful; if i do not go, it’ll be a waste, right? and i hate wasting money. let me rephrase that– i have no money to waste. having no money also helps me budget at the grocery store and prompts me to cook more rather than turn to fast food. all three of my meals were eaten in my apartment today and while that may seem like it should happen naturally, it doesn’t. oh well. i am a work in progress.

at the gym today, i backtracked on my C25k to work on my speed and my endurance. i ran faster for smaller amounts of time and had some walking sessions in between these runs. ultimately, i hope to get faster, as all runners do, and i want to accomplish that while accomplishing my C25k. i’ve also realized that i never gave myself the proper build up back to where i was after i got hurt. i just jumped back in and expected to be able to accomplish the same goals, which won’t happen. so, i’m taking it slowly. i performed pretty well, too. i’m getting better every day! after running, i jumped on the elliptical and cranked out more calories, but the real victory came later when…

I WENT TO THE FREE WEIGHT SECTION OF THE GYM AND LIFTED WEIGHTS. WITH DUDES. BIG MUSCLED DUDES. and i survived! i only did one exercise because i didn’t go into it with a plan, but just knowing that i now have the guts to strut my ass across that threshold, pick up a weight, and say “fuck you, dudes, i am totally capable of doing this” makes me so much happier. i’ve been dying to start a weight program and now, i have the confidence to do it. it also helps that the summer time is pretty void of the normal herd of people, but still. i did something that made me happy and will definitely benefit me later on when there are people back in the gym. my muscles gonna be toned, y’all.

that’s about it. i was going to post more here, but i did not finish this entry. i promise i’ll stay more current. stay healthy, y’all.


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