Concerts & Culinary Creations!

what up, end of the world?!

i figured since tomorrow is “the end of the world” i’d write one more blog before we go. there have been lots of exciting happenings in my life the past week, including two concerts, an awesome couple of days in Cincinnati, and starting my summer job. while working sucks and i hate doing it, at least it’s on campus and close to me so i can walk and conserve my gasoline. i do not have much to report in the way of exercise, but i do have some food i want to update you all on and gush about my concerts. besides, i danced my ass off for two hours at one concert! more about that later. how are you all doing? i hope your May 2011 is treating you well.

last weekend, boyfriend and i traveled to Cincinnati to see The National on Sunday night and Elvis Costello & The Imposters on Monday night. we ended up staying at the Radisson Riverfront (you know, the one with the spinning restaurant on top!) because we had both always wanted to stay there. we got a room on the 12th floor and

view, albeit gloomy, of Cincinnati!

lots of fun! we didn’t go to the restaurant because it was hella expensive, but we did end up eating at this snooty, snobby mexican restaurant downtown called Nada. it was 30 dollars for both of us to eat there AND they charged us for a basket of chips and salsa! what the hell, y’all?! where i come from, that shit is complimentary. don’t charge me for chips and salsa, assholes. but, i will admit, even though i hate it, that the tacos i got were fucking on point and delicious. i got the shrimp tacos. the filling included grilled baby shrimp with mixed greens, a chili-lime sauce, and slices of avocado. fucking PHENOMENAL. probably not the healthiest thing for me, but there was no cheese in it and it wasn’t drenched in weird shit. the avocado was good for me; the shrimp were not deep fried. i’d like to think i made a great choice (and i only drank water so HA!) that night was The National! i’ve seen The National once before at Bonnaroo last year and i was SUPER excited to see them again. boyfriend and i had scored twelfth row seats on the floor and were pretty close!

The National!

they played many songs off of their albums Boxer and High Violet. they also tapped into some of their older music and played two new songs as well!

more National!

it was a great time. it was emotional and flooring; Matt Berninger’s (the lead singer) voice threatens to take me to my knees any time i listen to them, and that feeling is only amplified when i hear them live. i suggest you check them out.

monday, boyfriend and i went to see the movie Bridesmaids at the Florence movie theater. i thought it was absolutely hilarious and i’m glad we chose to see it. afterwards, we stopped at LaRosa’s (pizza place) because i demanded to have it. i have a small (aka: fucking huge) obsession with LaRosa’s, so we got a cheese pizza, some salad, and put the rest of it in a box to bring home with us. that night held within it two and a half of the most phenomenal hours of my entire life: ELVIS. COSTELLO.

Elvis Costello's stage set-up

the concept of the concert is ridiculously fun. the wheel in the picture had around 30-40 songs on it; the purple slats were “jackpot” songs that revolved around a certain theme, so if someone spun the wheel and it landed on a jackpot, we would hear three songs instead of one. Elvis Costello pulled people out of the audience to come up and spin it, and the lady RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME got picked. i was so mad because i wanted to go up so badly, but little did i know i would get something MORE amazing than just going on stage. at some points, boyfriend and i were the only people in our section standing and dancing (because let’s face it, Elvis Costello was releasing records at least 10 years before i was born– the crowd was a bit…mature) and i danced my ass off for two and a half hours. i danced so much, in fact, that my abs, obliques, legs, and arms were sore. i broke into a serious sweat!

Elvis Costellooooooooooooooo

we were so close and because we were the only ones dancing, he looked at us numerous times. i am also 100% positive we made eye contact. so after the show, we went outside and stood in the line to get his autograph and


so i got his autograph on my ticket. when he was signing it, he acknowledged me and smiled because he recognized me. i could have died right then a happy person. boyfriend got his tour poster signed and we hop skipped and jumped back to Richmond that night.

tonight, for food, we made veggie meatball sandwiches and i made a vegan strawberry cobbler.

vegetarian meatballs in homemade tomato sauce!

we had whole wheat hoagie buns and i toasted them in the oven. as a side, we baked some french fries

i like ketchup. don't you fucking judge.

like i said, for dessert, i made a vegan strawberry cobbler

uncooked cobblah

the recipe calls for 6 cups of strawberries halved, flour, sugar, some lemon juice, baking powder, baking soda, and vegetable shortening. but, in order to make this more Kara-friendly, i substituted the vegetable shortening for applesauce! it works, seriously.

cooked cobblah!

fucking. sweet. this was absolutely DELICIOUS. boyfriend had his with vanilla ice cream and i had mine with some vanilla fro-yo. the crust was delicious and the strawberries were insanely sweet and tasty. it literally took 30 minutes to cook and 15 minutes to prepare. happy day.

i’ve been talking to one of my good friends KYM about putting too much pressure on myself to make these large changes happen overnight. you see, i have this ideal person in my head of who i want to be and while that person is attainable, it is not going to happen overnight. so, for tomorrow, my small goals are to eat every meal in my apartment, go to the gym, and drink 10 glasses of water a day. if i can do those things, awesome, and if i do not accomplish all of them somehow, i need to step back, figure out why i did not accomplish those small goals, and implement changes for the next day. i am capable of achieving all of my health and weight loss goals– i just need to be realistic about my changes.

that’s all i’ve got for you all. i’m sorry i did not post the recipe for the cobbler, but the website was acting all finicky. if you want it, though, i could e-mail it to you! have a great weekend and stay healthy, y’all!


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