Back in the Game: The Gym, Smoothies, and Progress!

post gym sweat, y'all!

happy sunday afternoon everyone! the sun is finally out and shining in Richmond, Kentucky, and i could not be happier. for those of you who are not currently in the Richmond/Lexington area, it has been raining like a mofo for the past few weeks; we even had a spell of 40s and 50s, which was not pleasant, especially because i have cute dresses and sandals i want to wear. it’s summer! we shouldn’t have to be bundled up! but, the sun is here and wants to play. i’m looking forward to the days ahead frolicking outside, especially at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, which is only 18 or so days away! …..scratch that sunshine statement. i just looked outside and lo & behold, it’s cloudy and dark again. hey rain, you can fuck off any day now.

last night, boyfriend and i went out to my parents’ house for some dinner (pizza, i know, whatever, it was good) and to let Mr. Carver Cortez run around outside in their acre, fenced-in backyard. but, as fate would have it, a storm rolled in and we could only stay for a few minutes. i bring this up because i need to be honest and talk about the pizza. we were going to make food here, but my mom said she would buy it if i would bring it. i made every attempt to make sure it was the healthiest i could make it– thin crust, extra tomato sauce, pineapple, banana pepper, green pepper, onion, and light cheese… but when we got it, they had put white sauce on it, which totally defeats the purpose and makes my brain hurt. i ate it anyway, and i forced myself not to feel guilty. i overate yesterday. there. i said it. i overate and indulged in shitty food. but, i picked myself up. today has been better, by far.

today, i  woke up to this little guy snuggling me…

spoiled little dog.

i was not going to go to the gym. i had comfy clothes on and was hanging out with the boyfriend (who does not feel well), highly involved in the Harry Potter movie marathon weekend. but, i ended up going anyway because a couple of my good friends, Madison & Sam, were going. it is very helpful to have friends who are trying to achieve the same goals. halfway to the gym, i realized i did not have my heart rate watch or my chest band and in order to avoid the temptation to stay at home, i just decided to continue onward to the gym and just use the treadmill. i hate the treadmill. i longed for the track, and probably would have done better on the track, but the anal-retentive weirdo inside of me demanded to know my mileage and my pace. i did a 5 minute warm-up, ran for 5 minutes, walked 3 minutes, and ran for another 2 minutes, totaling 15 minutes and 1.15 miles. the 5 full minutes i ran, i ran at a 5.2 pace, which is an 11:32 mile. i wanted to stop; i wanted to quit. but, i did not. i pushed through and i was so proud of myself at the end of that 5 minutes. baby steps to increased speed. i will get there. in between my treadmill and elliptical bouts, i wandered over to the weights and messed with the free weights a little bit. i had 7.5 pound weights, did some triceps workouts, raised my arms out to the side, raised them out to the front, and did some calf raises with weights. pretty damn proud! then, i jumped on the elliptical for 10 minutes for some extra calorie burnage, followed by crunches on an exercise ball. i had a nice little circuit FO’SHO.

came home and made a ballin’ smoothie……


delicious and very nutritious. i used 1.5 cups of orange juice, 1.5  cups of frozen berries, a handful of spinach, a banana, and some flax seeds.

more smoovie

i was also making this for two people! hopefully, it helps boyfriend feel better today.

in other news, tonight for dinner (for me at least) is a vegan quesadilla with some vegetarian refried beans. i may even venture out to the store, get some corn tortillas, and make some homemade chips for salsa, too! i’ll let you all know how it goes!

before i go, i would like to pose a question to you all. boyfriend and i just had a conversation about pulp in orange juice. i want to know how you feel, so answer the poll below!

stay healthy, y’all!


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