New Kitchen Gadgets and Delicious Dinners!

mondays aren't all that bad...right?

happy monday evening everyone. the day many people (at least many people i know) detest most out of the entire week. at least we have it out of the way now and can move swiftly into the rest of the week. i prefer my weeks to barrel toward the weekend– nothing better than a weekend and THIS weekend, i have some very special fun stuff planned, including a Bachelorette party! i also have a meeting with my nutritionist on Thursday, so i’ll be updating about that as the week progresses and i meet with her. hopefully, i can make a pit stop at Whole Foods, and through the grapevine (by grapevine, i mean people at work aka: Tricia) i have heard that there will be a Trader Joe’s opening in 2012 in Lexington! if you’ve ever experienced the joy of Trader Joe’s, you’re in for a treat most definitely.

thankfully, i made it to the gym this morning (with the help of Madison pushing me to get out of bed) and did some weight workouts along with running half a mile and jumping on the elliptical for 15 minutes. it wasn’t much, but i felt exhausted afterwards. i did not eat beforehand, and i know that’s a big part of the problem. so, tomorrow morning, i’m going to wake up earlier, eat a banana with almond butter, wait for it to digest, and then hit the gym. my workout, then, should be longer and more efficient.

last night, i made myself a vegan quesadilla stuffed with red peppers, green peppers, orange peppers, yellow, peppers, and onions, along with some vegan cheese

mmmm wonderful

my greatest accomplishment, though, was homemade tortilla chips


i squeezed some lime juice on them, sprinkled with some salt, baked at 400 for a few minutes and BAM


good. cheap. healthier alternative to the regular chip!

vegan. feast.

damn right.

today, boyfriend bought a waffle iron because over the weekend, he said he would make me breakfast, promised me waffles, and then realized we had no waffle iron and could not make good on his word. but, the waffle iron was brought into our home this afternoon and to celebrate, we made breakfast for dinner because who doesn’t love effing breakfast for dinner? i sure as shit love it all the time. i could literally eat breakfast food any time of the day. the waffles were vegan banana chocolate waffles

waffle batter

the yellow thing is obviously a banana. while i was going to work on the waffles, boyfriend made scrambled eggs and facon

scrambled eggs! facon!

the final waffle product, the side dishes, and some fresh fruit were placed on a plate and voila

healthy breakfast for dinner!

the butter you see is actually vegan butter and lite syrup. it was so good and so filling. i was excited because i got a serving of fruit, a serving of protein, and a serving of carbohydrates. it was very balanced. yum.

that’s all i have for today. tomorrow, i’m helping my place of employment, the Noel Studio, by serving as an ambassador or sorts to the Freshman Orientation showcase. my friend Tricia and i will be answering questions about the Studio and being our badass selves. i hope you all have good evening and an even better tuesday mornings. stay healthy, y’all!

PS: if you are interested in Vegan cooking and Vegan recipes, you should check out The Veg-Bergers! it’s Vegan recipe blog operated by my boyfriend’s mom, Pam, and his sister, Katie. i’ve had the privilege of tasting some of the cupcakes they have created and they are ridiculously good! i have no doubts that the other recipes they post will be anything less than fabulous!


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