The Nutritionist & Bonnaroo: Bringing Happiness into My Life!


happy friday, y’all! i don’t know about you guys, but i am ready to get down on a three day weekend like no other! there are so many fun things happening this weekend i cannot even CONTAIN my excitement. this weekend, i get to go to a bachelorette party, i get to hang out with my family, and generally enjoy a 3 day weekend. my little brother turned 21 yesterday, which is crazy for me to think about. it’s even crazier to think i will be 24 in a mere 3 1/2 weeks. June 19th will be here before i know it. you know what else will be here before i know it? BONNAROO. four full days of music, camping, and… well… acting like a fool in front of thousands of people i will never see again! two weeks from today, i will be on that glorious farm, enjoying Sharon Von Etten, who is really good. then Ben Sollee, Justin Townes Earle, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, the Decemberists, Ray LaMontagne, Florence + The Machine, My Morning Jacket, Arcade Fire, The Black Angels, Lil’ Wayne, and Ratatat and that is just FRIDAY. plus, it’s going to be great exercise because the only mode of transportation is WALKING, unless you take one of their silly fucking cabs that costs 5 dollars to run you to a location. i would rather spend my five dolla’ on cool stuff at the festival rather than being lazy. and, they have yoga every single morning, so if i’m up early enough, i plan on moseying over there and possibly gettin’ my down dog on. on top of all that, i will be drinking bookoos and bookoos of water to stay hydrated and i’ll be eating food i personally brought. not only is it a fun experience, but it’s a great way to get my workout on without considering it a workout. then, you can add in all the fucking dancing and swaying i’ll be doing (in true hippie fashion) so i’ll be constantly working my muscles. man, i love Bonnaroo.

i’ve been super consistent with working out this week. i started going back on sunday and went every single day until Thursday and today. tuesday, after work, i even went to my yoga class, which was wonderful in every way imaginable. the coolest thing about yoga, for me, is noticing how much my body has changed and how much stronger i am. the downward facing dog position, one of the most basic positions in yoga, used to kick my ass. but now, i can hold it for longer periods of time without shaking or releasing the pose. my next goal to start working on is the plank position, which requires incredible control of not only your arm muscles, but of your core muscles as well. to keep myself motivated for the next week and to prepare for Bonnaroo, i am pretty sure i am registering for this


it’s a 5k race that will benefit Madison Central’s Marching Band and because my brother was a faithful member all four years of high school, and it has brought an insurmountable amount of joy to my parents, i figured this would be a good first 5k. i haven’t been training for it; i haven’t even thought about running a 5k until right now. all i want to do is finish under 40 minutes and if i can do that, well, i’ll be happy. hell, i’ll go ahead and say 45 minutes. if i can finish between 40-45 minutes on my first 5k, i will be pleased with myself.

i saw my nutritionist on Thursday and we discussed a lot of my progress. she is very pleased with the smaller changes i have been making and after i told her i was disappointed in such a small weight loss in 5 months (13 pounds right now) she got a model of fat out for me


this, my dear friends, is 5 pounds of fat. this is what 5 pounds of fat looks like, which means i have lost almost 3 times that amount from different areas of my body. more importantly, i’ve lost fat which may have been pressing on my internal organs. this really put a lot of aspects of this journey into perspective. this is HUGE and as long as i keep moving forward, my success will happen.

i was going to write about the food i’ve made this week, but i think i’ll save it for a new post, simply because this one has gotten a bit too long already. but, i made Buffalo Chik’n Fajitas and Vegan peanut butter chocolate brownies and all of it was delicious, but the chik’n sat in the hot sauce too long. at least it cleared up our sinuses after we ate it!

one last picture. i took this today looking at myself in the mirror just to give myself a frame of reference for how my body looks right now

i think this may just be a flattering picture, but after looking at this, i can definitely see changes in some parts of my body, which gives me motivation to just keep going. i’m waking up in 7 hours to go run with a group of people at 7:30 in the morning and i’m really excited about this new area of support in my life. have a great weekend and stay healthy, y’all!


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8 thoughts on “The Nutritionist & Bonnaroo: Bringing Happiness into My Life!”

  1. I am so jealous that you get to go to Bonnaroo! You are going to have such an awesome time! I really enjoyed reading your post. You look fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  2. Who is your nutritionist? Do you have to have insurance to go? How much does it cost? Sorry… I’ve been really wanting to go see a nutritionist and you are the only person I know who goes.

    1. i see Central Baptist Outpatient Nutrition Counseling in Lexington Green. i do have insurance, but i’m not sure insurance covers it it was 33 dollars the first visit, a free follow up, and now i’m doing continuous follow-up appointments for 13 dollars a visit and i go once every 8 weeks or so.

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