Bachelorettes, Parents, and Wood Chip Trails!

summer sun

if i look a little rough to you, it’s because i am feeling rather rough today and not because of alcohol consumption as you may be led to believe, but because of my general amount of activity throughout the course of this weekend. it is also due to how many times i’ve fucking sneezed in the past 24 hours; i look like Rudolph the fucking Red Nosed Reindeer in person, which is why this picture is taken from a safe, polite, flattering distance. i don’t need y’all to see the busted nose in my veins and my bloodshot, watering eyes. at least from this point, i just look sun-kissed and slightly beachy. i hope this weekend has been grand for you and that you’re fully enjoying the three day weekend (if you have one) due to memorial day. i have been out and about and around all weekend and am feeling pretty positive about the upcoming week.

saturday morning, i dragged my happy ass (or not so happy at that point) out of bed at 6:45am to join some fellow runners/joggers/walkers at the Wood Chip Trail on campus. we all met up and i ran the first mile, finishing 1.03 miles in 13:17, which puts me at a 12:50 pace. i’m actually very proud. we reversed the way we went around the course and i walked around for the second mile and then the third time around, we ran/walked it for some light interval training. at first, i was nervous about meeting up with other people and running with them, fearful i wouldn’t be able to talk or listen to the conversations around me. what i found, though, is that the conversation kept my mind off of running and off of focusing on the time in which i complete my miles. so, for the next few times i run, i am not going to worry about my pace. i am going to have fun with my running and go for my distances and if that means walking some portions of my run, that’s fine, as long as i eventually start running again. if you’re interested in joining our little posse that meets on Saturday mornings, hit me up and i’ll fill you in on the deets. additionally, when i got home, i did a pretty sweet weight workout with the 5 pound weights i scored from Rhianna before she moved. incredible sadness. my thighs hurt like a mofo today, but it was totally worth it.

yesterday, i went to a bachelorette party and not just any bachelorette party, but the bachelorette party for one of my dearest friends

raychell. her and her fiancée, who i have known for a large portion of my life, are getting married this summer. i know it’s incredibly creepy for me to post one of their engagement pictures on my blog, but i felt it was necessary. these two are so perfect for one another and i am SO honored to be involved in this ceremony. raychell is one of the most wonderful people on the face of the planet, so spending yesterday with her, and a bunch of other wonderful, gorgeous, PHENOMENAL ladies, was so encouraging for me. we got nails done, ate at Saul Good in Lexington, and had a pretty bomb ass party last night. i am so thankful to call those women sisters and friends and out of the great conversations we had last night, i am feeling more motivated than EVER. the reason i bring this up, though, is to discuss some drinkage i made. i did not take pictures of it, which i regret, but i totally made the Sunny White Sangria from Oh She Glows. i made two batches; one batch was made with Moscato wine, while the other was made with Riesling. i also made a virgin variety for those who were not partaking in alcohol, which was made with sparkling apple cider. i added cherries to the mix and the sangria was DELICIOUS. it was incredibly refreshing and light. i will be making this again throughout the summer for different functions. i was very proud of my sangria.

another reason i bring this up is because i ran, literally ran, through Meijer to get the necessary supplies. there was no walking, and if was walking, i was speed walking. mostly, i was jogging up and down the aisles, desperately trying to get all the shit i needed, and you know what i noticed? i did not get out of breath in these short bursts of energy. maybe it was the adrenaline, knowing i was in a time crunch or maybe I AM ACTUALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE WITH CARDIO. we’re going with option B, because it makes me feel good.

today, i went out to my parents’ house to eat and hang out with my family. i did some swimming and kicking around in the pool, and while i wasn’t doing vigorous laps in an olympic-size pool, i was still moving my limbs about, getting sunburned in the process. while i did not eat very well today, because my mom’s food is so damn good and i eat way too much of it, i’d like to think there are some days, especially days celebrating family, where i do not have to be so vigilant and can relax, especially around my family.  outside of the queso and the ridiculously good potato salad my mom made, everything i ate was relatively healthy! a vegetarian hot dog, roasted corn on the cob, vegetarian baked beans mixed with black beans, and fresh watermelon topped my plate. i also had a piece of lemon meringue pie. whatever. it was good. we spent most of the afternoon sitting outside, enjoying the warm weather, except my allergies went absolutely apeshit on me within the first hour of being outside. they’re still bad. but


Carver had a really great day playing outside in the backyard!

in other news, i received both my teaching contract

scurry contract

and my BONNAROO WRISTBAND!!!!!!!!!!!


life is good. gym tomorrow. possible 5k Saturday. life is really good. stay healthy, y’all.


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4 thoughts on “Bachelorettes, Parents, and Wood Chip Trails!”

  1. Kara, I just spent I don’t know how long reading your blog. I love and appreciate your honesty and ability to lay it all out there. You’re inspiring and reading your posts gives me motivation to do what I need to do to get healthy. Keep up the great work!! Oh, and if you haven’t tried them yet, kale chips are amazeballs. I like them with ketchup (don’t judge). 🙂

    1. thank you for reading! you have no idea how much it means to me to have someone say that. and i have not tried kale chips, but everyone says they’re absolutely phenomenal! i think i’ll pick up some kale the next time i go to the store!

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