Entering My 24th Revolution of the Sun: Potential Fitness Classes and Personal Trainer Considerations


in case you all don’t know, and i’m sure you do if you’re friends with me on Facebook/Twitter, my birthday is on Sunday! June 19th, 1987, i popped out of the womb and was properly named. i will be 24 this year and i mus confess this has been the hardest year for me yet. go ahead, make fun if you wish, but there’s just something so devastating about leaving 23 and entering the realm of 24. this is the last year i can be in the 18-24 age range on surveys! i don’t want that at all. 23 has been such a good year to me and has been jam-packed with all sorts of new life experiences. i’m sure, though, that 24 will be just the same. i’m just having some difficulty letting go. plus, i’m a big fan of odd numbers so there’s another reason why 24 already looks gloomy to me.

in other news, i’ve been perusing some Community Education Classes and i have found a couple that definitely interest me. one of the classes is an adult’s beginner/intermediate swim class. now, i already know how to stay afloat in the water. i can crank out some swimming. i don’t worry about drowning when i am in a pool, but i have no form. if i am serious about doing triathlons in the next year, i want to make sure my form is relatively decent, otherwise i’ll just be expending unnecessary energy and in a situation where every little bit counts, i do not want to tire myself out. this class covers the front crawl and a few other strokes, running from July to the beginning of August. i also think this will keep me motivated and keep me from eating like garbage throughout the day. additionally, it’ll get me in the water and moving around, which is always a perk. the class itself is 59 dollars, lasts an hour, and meets every tuesday/thursday, and meets 8 times. i like it! that’s less than 10 dollars a class. i’m diggin’ it.

da king

completely irrelevant, but whatever. the other class i was considering is a yoga class! it picks up in September every tuesday night and lasts an hour and 15 minutes, which is a decent yoga class. i’m done with all of my obligations in the fall on Tuesday at 3:15pm, so i figure this would be a good way to wind down from the day and keep me limber. 7 classes for 62 dollars? i’m diggin’ it, too!

one final question: has anyone ever had a personal trainer? is it worth it? i’m considering a personal trainer because at this moment in time, i lack the mental fortitude to really commit to anything. feedback would be appreciated! i’m going to celebrate my birthday this weekend in some muthafuckin’ style, and i hope everyone else has a great weekend as well! stay healthy, y’all!


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