All I Do is Lift Lift Lift, No Matta’ What: My Journey into Free Weights and Coconut Shrimp

Gladiator Smoothie: 45g of Protein!

happy thursday evening, everyone! the week is almost over and the weekend is looming so closely you can almost touch it. i hope everyone is having a great week and has some nice plans for the weekend! my weekend is going to center around registering for my half-marathon, buying harry potter tickets, and grocery shopping. i wish people understood just how much i love grocery shopping. it truly is one of the coolest things i can do (especially if i’m by myself!)

the past few days have been very eventful in the life of the Heavy Hipster. i have embarked upon new quests and have sat down and truly evaluated what i would like out of my life at the end of this long, seemingly endless struggle with my weight and my fitness level. i’ve jumped back into exercising and have entered a whole new world: free weights. but, before we get to the free weights, i have to discuss my bomb ass meal i made last night! it was the first meal i’ve made in FOREVER and it felt so good to get back into the kitchen and get my cooking groove on. i made baked coconut shrimp and mashed cauliflower, along with a salad out of a bag.

cornstarch, liquid egg whites, and coconut!

as a forethought, don’t judge the .79 cent clearance sticker on my greek yogurt. Fage brand is one of my favorites and it’s regularly like 2 dollars at Kroger. i just wait until they put it on sale and buy like 4 of them. i go through greek yogurt like CRAAAAZY anyway. but, moving on.  first, you dredge the shrimp into the cornstarch and salt mixture, then dip it into the egg whites, and then into the coconut. after repeating that, the shrimp is placed on a pan covered in tin foil and baked for 20 or so minutes until…

baked (and healthy) coconut shrimp

they were delicious. and healthy. and delicious. the side item to our dinner last night was mashed cauliflower. cauliflower contains an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals but does not have the carbohydrates of the mashed potato. cut up some cauliflower, put it in a pan with some vegetable broth and bam

garlic, cauliflower, and veggie broth

after some cooking time, i placed the cauliflower in my food processor and BAAAAM

mashed cauliflower. add some salt and pepper to this bitch and you have a super yummy side dish. so glad i tried this out! next week, i want to make a cauliflower soup. i’ve got it bad for cauliflower right now.

today, for my exercise, i ended up walking the dog around the neighborhood for 20 minutes or so, just to get my heart rate up a bit and the blood flowing. i then ventured up to Lexington to meet with a long time good friend, Stephanie, who is what you would call “a beast.” Stephanie has been doing weight training for a few months now and she offered to show me how to do some weight techniques. she even made me a weekly plan to follow to optimize my success at a half-marathon and a future triathlon. she led me through the weight side of the gym, guiding me along and explaining what each exercise did and the proper form of that exercise. i did relatively well through most of the exercises; the proper form for a lot of them was slightly difficult for me to achieve, but i can (notso)proudly say i had my first failure already! went down for a squat, couldn’t get back up, and Stephanie saved my life (or at least one of my kneecaps or collarbones). seriously. it was kind of scary and i was a little nervous to get back around the squat rack, but she made sure i was comfortable before she let me leave today. needless to say, my body feels like jelly, but i am anxious and excited about really getting into this plan. weight training is incredible because you can actually feel your muscles moving and working hard to produce results. i dig that instant gratification of weight lifting. Stephanie went to finish her routine and i headed to the gym’s pool to get some laps in. my goal, at the beginning, was 5 laps, or 10 lengths. i ended up swimming 20 laps, or 40 lengths, for a total of 1000 yards in 25 minutes. i felt ridiculously powerful today and that feeling of power and control is going to push me to continue to get better.

tonight, i got home and threw together a quick dinner

salad from a bag and buffalo chick'n.

this is a salad from a bag, which means it contained the dressing and some stuff for the salad. this was the “perfect harvest” salad, which had dried cranberries, almonds, and an apple vinaigrette. i cooked some morningstar buffalo chick’n wings and cut them up to put on the salad and it was delicious. i ate all of it. i’m not ashamed. i also had a peach and another greek yogurt.  delicious. i’ve also been pounding down water like a crazy person. oh well. it feels awesome.

today has been a good day. i know not every day will feel this wonderful or accomplished, but it’s nice to have these again after a long hiatus. i am ready and determined to come back and become a fucking statue. i’ve made goals for myself, but i need time to hammer those out before i share them on this blog. enjoy the rest of your evening and stay healthy, y’all.


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2 thoughts on “All I Do is Lift Lift Lift, No Matta’ What: My Journey into Free Weights and Coconut Shrimp”

  1. Yeah on so many things…back in the kitchen, hanging out and working out with Stephanie, Carver got a walk around the neighborhood! These are some awesome happenings!

  2. Your recipes look so delicious! I love mashed cauliflower. So tasty!! Great job on getting back on track. Stay positive & keep up the great work. You’ll reach your goals before you know it!! Have a great weekend!!

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