Weekend Updates: Salmon Kebabs and My First Self-Inflicted Weight Workout


happy monday funday everyone! this is how i felt leaving the gym today: beastly and bitchin’! mondays are usually the suck and this one kind of was, but i went to the gym and instantly, my mood got 1000X  better than it was when i left work. today was my first shift from 9-5, which was really long. i know i sound like a whiny bitch, but bear with me here. i’m used to going in at noon; today and tomorrow, i go in at 9 and work until 5. now, though, i actually get a lunch break! this is good news for me! i had planned on getting up at 6am and hitting the gym by 7 for the smallest amount of people there imaginable in order to feel comfortable.  but, of course, i went back to sleep and ended up going around 5 this afternoon. there were so many people there, but i did my weight workout anyway (with a couple of exceptions…)

i need to talk about this weekend and about some delicious food i consumed, although one part of it was not-so-healthy. regardless, i took a picture of that food anyway just so i can discuss it on the blog and why it is my weakness. on saturday, i ventured out to my parents’ house to let my dog run wild in the backyard and to see my family. after eating a lunch of vegetables, coleslaw, and potato chips, i ate this…

oh god homemade ice cream cake i'm sorry tummy

this is my mother’s homemade ice cream cake, made with ice cream sandwiches. so delicious. i had one piece of it and it is my weakness because 1: my mama made it. 2: it’s ice cream. 3: it had heath bars involved. but, in order to kind of combat that piece of happiness, i

kara the krocodile

jumped into the pool and swam around for a bit. but, honestly, i mostly laid on a float and worked on my sun. Carver also enjoyed his day out and about and getting his exercise in

Ze Monster

he looks so happy in the grass, doesn’t he?

saturday night fared a whole lot better as far as food goes. a few friends and myself got together and grilled out, which is something i’ve wanted to do for a really, really long time. summer is so perfect because grills are literally one of the most amazing things on the face of the planet. i love grills. i love grilling. and i love kebabs. we decided to make salmon kebabs. fortunately, my parents are growing some veggies so we got two zucchinis from their garden, went to Meijer and got some peppers on sale, and grabbed some mushrooms. i was pleasantly surprised to find that salmon is not that expensive! $7 worth fed two people and still allowed a kebab for two others. we marinated the salmon

salmon in lemon herb sauce

and just put the vegetables in a pot with some olive oil, salt, and pepper

yuuum look at that color!

put the stuff on bamboo sticks to be placed on the grill

dear god so good

after they were grilled, they were placed on a plate with grilled corn, potatoes, and some pasta salad


so good. so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so good. and impressive. aren’t you impressed?

today, i woke up, as i stated earlier, later than i would have hoped. i trudged through my day, wavering on my commitment to go to the gym. but, i dragged my stuff in from the car and changed at work so i would have no choice but to go to the gym. i got there, warmed up for 5 minutes on the treadmill, and then ventured into the weights. i did workouts for my triceps, i bench-pressed, i did side bends, i did decline crunches, i did more triceps stuff (because our dip machine still scares me), and i did butterflies, although i was standing because no benches were open. the meatheads had them the one exercise i really lacked today were the hyperextensions and that’s because i couldn’t get on the chair fast enough between people, so i’ll throw them in there tomorrow before i run my ass off. i may try to swim tomorrow too either after i get off of work, or during my lunch break depending on how i feel. today, for cardio, i walked for 30 minutes.

i ended up going to the store immediately after my workout. i picked up a bag of salad, some sushi, and (soy) protein powder to start putting in my smoothies. i am super excited about where this is going and with each exercise day, i feel more and more motivated. i just need to make sure i’m keeping my diet in check. i know that will eventually fall back into place, though, especially now that i have designated breaks at work to take my lunch. i’m feeling better and better every single day. stay healthy, y’all.


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6 thoughts on “Weekend Updates: Salmon Kebabs and My First Self-Inflicted Weight Workout”

  1. Those kebabs looks delicious! Sounds like you’ve got a great plan in place. My biggest problem is getting started. I can plan it all out perfectly, but then I actually have to DO it and put the plan into action. Reading blogs like yours helps give me motivation to put the excuses aside and walk the walk. So thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. How I love making your blog!! And your ice cream cake slice was on the skinny side….
    I love the energy and positive attitude I am feeling from you know that working out is back into your life, and Carver loves the walks too! He told me!!!

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