The Fourth of July: Family, Happiness, and Good Food

i feel like hiding

happy hump (hehehehe hump) day, everyone. i feel like hiding, friends. all i want to do is just crawl into a hole and pretend like i don’t exist, which is what i did yesterday after i got off work. this week has not been the easiest week for me, and i find myself struggling just to make it to another weekend to find some relief. but, my friend Aaron is coming this weekend and i have not seen him in 2 years, so needless to say, i am incredibly excited. yesterday, i was so upset about stupid shit that i allowed myself to eat my weight in Taco Bell. i am not proud of it, but the steps to overcoming these types of addictions begins with confrontation and honesty.  so, i’m being honest. but, to counteract this, i wanted to make a blog update dedicated to some awesome food i cooked this weekend and some awesome people i spent some time with this weekend for the holiday.

last week, i got on a cauliflower kick and made some awesome soup out of it

soup, bitches

and after i let it cook for a few minutes, i mashed it down with a potato masher, and then added flour and more soymilk for one of the most delicious soups i’ve ever made

soup soup soup i ate all of it

as the other item for this dinner, i made homemade vegan corndogs

yum yum so good

could not even stand how good these were! i will definitely make them again and again and again. cheaper and more delicious than the box brands.

for the fourth of July, i went out to my parents’ house to spend time with ALL of my dad’s side of the family. we swam, cooked, talked, hung out. it was wonderful. i had the most amazing space to work in during the day, which made my cooking experience much more pleasant

i love my mom's kitchen

i made vegan strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry cobbler

delicious fruit

made the topping to go on top of it

preparing da cobblah

and then the finished product, which i did not eat any of, coincidentally, because my family ATE IT ALL! i’m not even mad. it makes me excited that my family was willing to try a food prepared by me and like it!


i also made a “mexican vegetable pizza” for lunch that day. i swiped this recipe from a very nice woman named Anna at work.  my sister, Angela, and my niece, Cordelia, were there earlier than anyone else to swim and hang out, which was so wonderful.

baked crescent rolls

you roll out some crescent rolls (and these are low fat) and you bake them and let them cool. while these are baking

cream cheese & fiesta ranch dry mix

mix non-fat cream cheese with fiesta dry ranch mix and spread it out on top of the cooled crescent rolls

so good

then, you place an abundance of vegetables on top

oh god so good

i put carrots, green peppers, onions, broccoli, and pico de gallo. put it in the fridge and let it chill for an hour. it was gone by the end of the night. so good. i was really impressed with my abilities this weekend, and very happy with how much my family enjoyed my cooking.

this is my ma

this is the true hero of the day, though. she single-handedly orchestrated the entire day and took care of everyone. my mom is a fucking ROCKSTAR.  my mom also made some bad ass sangria and she asked me to take pictures of the jugs in the refrigerator

it had vodka, brandy and wine.

my little brother is also a fucking rockstar.

sib and carv

grayson also came down to hang out for a bit and my dog obviously loves grayson


he’s pretty cute, isn’t he? i hate that i haven’t uploaded my pictures from my camera on to my computer, because i have great pictures of me and my sister and dad, but i will post those in my next blog because i have so many great things to say about my sister and how much she motivates me!

today, i put myself through another grueling weight workout; i couldn’t even lift my arms above my head and it felt amazing. i really love lifting weights and i keep getting stronger. i added weight to all of my exercises today and i know i’m only going to get better. i hope everyone is having a great week. if you’re struggling, just keep going. we’ll all get there, one way or another. i’m going to yoga. have a good evening and stay healthy, y’all.


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6 thoughts on “The Fourth of July: Family, Happiness, and Good Food”

  1. Also not sure if you knew or realized just how much you helped me that day and making that wonderful food was truly appreciated it…love you!

  2. Looks like you had an awesome holiday! Sharing time with family is always something I cherish. Your cobbler and Mexican pizza look SOOO good!! In fact, I just bought ingredients to make my own Mexican pizza for lunch tomorrow. Nom, nom…:)

      1. Wow. Just now seeing this. My Mexican Pizza turned out SO YUMMY!! I will definitely be making it again. Thanks again for the great recipe and inspiration. 🙂

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