Running Two Miles: Restoring Confidence

i feel powerful

i know i already wrote an update today, but sometimes, i just need to write another one to express either joy or frustration. fortunately, this is a post of joy, a post of discovering something new about myself: i have taken my feet and legs for granted for many years. they deserve so much more respect, dignity, and love than i have given them. i just need to say thank you to my legs and feet– they carried me for two miles as i was trying to restore my confidence, my faith, in my ability to run distances. before tonight, the longest i had run in months was about a mile, or maybe even less than that. the last time i ran, i ran about seven minutes and got a side stitch so bad i thought i was going to throw up. that failure of having to stop in the middle of the run halted my exercise. i have been afraid to run again, afraid of failing, and realizing that i cannot do what i feel i am capable of doing. but tonight, feeling the wind on my face and the pavement under my feet, made me understand that my body will respond to whatever i put it through. if i want it to keep running, it will. if i want it to move faster, it will. my body is the slave of my mind and as long as i can overcome my mind telling me to stop, telling me that i am weak, i can do anything. i owe a lot to my legs and feet, who seemed to have a mind of their own on the streets of Richmond, KY tonight. at times, as i was climbing inclines in the neighborhood, i felt like i was going to puke, but i didn’t. i felt like my lungs were going to crawl out of my throat, but they didn’t. i felt like my heart would explode through my chest, but it didn’t. i survived and it has made me stronger. i ran the first two miles i have run in months and it felt so damn good.

this half marathon is possible. it is achievable. it is conquerable. stay healthy, y’all.


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