Teeny Tiny Update: Aaron’s Visit and Future Plans

yep. it's tuesday.

tuesdays are fucking stupid. good afternoon everyone. most of the time, this is how i feel. i’ve been at work since 9am and i am trying to truck through the last hour, by myself, at the Studio. i think there is one person here lurking around the computers, but other than that, i’m alone. solitary. by myself. utterly lonely. it’s okay, though. 36 minutes and i’ll be moving my happy ass to kroger to go grocery shopping for the first time SINCE BONNAROO! HOO-FUCKING-RAAAY! it’s about damn time. i ate an egg sandwich with stale bread today. needless to say, it is time i ventured out and purchased some goods from the local market. plus, i’m making dinner for my mom and dad tomorrow night and i want it to be special!

i decided, for them, i’m making shrimp enchiladas with homemade jalapeño cream sauce, homemade refried beans, and homemade guacamole. i might even get a wild hair up my ass and make those tortilla chips again. either way, i’ll document it fully and probably even take pictures of my parents! i hope they enjoy the food i make. they may; they may not. either way, i’ll enjoying making food in my own home and having food to make. i will never go this long without going to the grocery store again.

this weekend, my friend Aaron came to visit. he taught in South Korea for two years and is considering a job offer in Japan in August. i haven’t seen him since August of 2009, so it was really exciting to have him in Richmond and be able to spend time with him. the downside to this, though, was i generally ate (and drank) like shit all weekend. my eating habits included, but were not limited to: Casa, Bob Evans, and Paddy Wagon. we also got drunk at a bowling alley…… at 2 in the afternoon. we had a blast and while i regret the amount of money i spent/calories i inhaled, it was great to see him and be with him. i’m so proud of what he’s done and what he will do. he’s truly a gift to ESL and to teaching abroad.



i haven’t exercised since last Thursday. i know, i know. lame, ridiculous, dumb. i get it. all i’ve wanted to do this week is run outside, but the opportunities seem to slip away in my lack of motivation. i’ve been trying to coax myself out of bed early in the morning so i can go and get it done, but it’s not working. i have no willpower and i am not a morning person. i fear for my students in the fall. speaking of students, i started making my schedule for the fall semester today and have already picked out time slots where working out will not only be possible, but it would be stupid for me to pass up such open opportunities. i figured out today that i am 60lbs away from my goal weight of 175lbs. i don’t want to be any smaller than that– i want to be fit, toned, and healthy. i want to be in my healthy weight range and that’s where my range is. i am 6’2, motherfuckers, and i recognize that being 110lbs is not possible for someone of my stature/height. so, i am aiming for 175. if i were to lose 2lbs a week, i would be my goal weight in February. if i were to lose 1.5 lbs a week, i would be my goal weight by the time i graduated from my master’s program in 10 months, so that’s what i’m aiming for. 1.5 lbs a week. i know i can do it. i just have to re-harness my motivation. i love weights. i just need to keep at them. i can tell a difference in my body already and if i just keep going, i know that my possibilities are endless and limitless.

i’ll be putting out another update soon. i’ll be looking at my June goals, taking my measurements, and establishing August goals. i hope you all are doing well. stay healthy, y’all.


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2 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Update: Aaron’s Visit and Future Plans”

  1. I’ve been having the same issue with running. I want to get back into it, but when it comes time to actually DO it, I just lose my motivation. I’ve reset my alarm twice this week because I didn’t want to get up 30 minutes earlier to get out and jog. 30 minutes! Ah, well. It’s a process, right? No one said we’d wake up one day and have it all down perfectly.

    That’s cool that your friend is working abroad. Sounds like you had an awesome reunion. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see how your dinner turns out. We love Mexican food, so I could use some good recipes and inspiration.

    1. it took me forever to get back into it but it happened! you can do it, too. if i can, anyone can! and if you want the recipes, just let me know. they were delicious and i can direct you to the website! 🙂

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