The Heavy Hipster: Premium Slacker Extraordinaire!

yeah buddy, lookin' like a hobo

you should probably read the caption of the above picture to the tune of “ice cream paint job.” happy monday afternoon, everyone. as my title suggests, i am a slacker both in my real life and in my blog life as well. i haven’t made an update in a bit and i just wanted to drop back in and say “haaaaay” and to let you all know how i was doing. mondays are the pits and i hate them. i know i’ve discussed this before, but really. mondays = lame. monday lameday. there’s just something so obnoxious about monday. the best part of my monday is i’m rocking the tye-dye tee Madison made for me for the harry potter preview a couple of weeks ago. i love it vurry much. anyway. i just wanted to focus mainly on the food i’ve been eating, my visit with my nutritionist, and, well, my slacking. so, let’s get to it.

last weekend, i had one of the best honors in the entire world of being in Raychell and Andy’s wedding

you fancy, huh?

i felt prettier than i have ever felt. we danced down the aisle and i got to witness two of my very good friends get married. the reception was insanely fun; seeing people i have not seen in years made me incredibly happy and it just made for one of the greatest weekends i’ve had in months. i got to talk to a lot of people about what they’re doing with their lives, their futures, and our presents. consequently, though, i ended up looking like this


but i had a good time getting to that point.

i started cooking again last week! i’ve been so lazy about making my own food, but the switch flipped again and i’m back into it. i’ve been looking up some new recipes, and i found this awesome website Supercook that allows you to plug in ingredients you already have and build a recipe out of it. you can add parameters, like meat-free or dairy-free as well, so i used the green beans out of my parents’ garden to make green bean quiche! it was my first quiche

da green peppas and da 'shrooms

and i cooked some green peppers and mushrooms while the green beans cooked all on their own


while they were cooking, i mixed Veganaise (it is what you think it is) and non-fat sour cream

kinda looks nasty. whatever.

and because we bought a grater, i’ve started grating my own cheese from an actual cheese block! it saves money and makes a fuckton more cheese than a 4$ bag of cheese allows. seriously. try it.

muthafuckin grated cheese!

and then TA-DA QUICHE

obviously uncooked

i didn’t get a picture of the cooked quiche because i was too concerned with eating it. fun fact: i eat everything with ketchup like a 5 year old. if i can put ketchup on it, i will. get fucked. ketchup rocks.

i also made sweet potato, zucchini, and black bean burritos with homemade salsa last week!

was not that good

i was not impressed with my salsa. i don’t know what it needed more of, but it definitely needed something. oh well. it was the first time i tried making it and i know if i keep trying, i’ll eventually perfect a recipe i love. my mom is giving me tomatos and peppers from the garden, so i’ll have plenty of opportunities to try.

burrito filling!!!!

this is the burrito filling. inside, you will find sweet potatoes, black beans, zucchini, corn, and onion. i took flour tortillas, sprinkled some vegan cheese on the inside and bam


if i make these again, i will make some sort of sauce to go on top. they were a bit dry and since i didn’t like the salsa, i was a little displeased. but the actual burritos were bangin’. i love sweet potatoes and this is a new development in my life. i didn’t like them at all and now, i crave them. they must have some sort of vitamin i lack in my day to day diet. another new development has been my general rejection of soda. for the longest time, i was addicted to diet coke and it was a struggle for me to not drink one. but, now, i only want one when i’m hungover and that’s only because the carbonation settles my stomach. i am also recognizing what foods make me feel good and what foods make me want to die. for instance, just today, i had some oatmeal from starbucks because i had a gift card and was running low on time. i had it made with soy milk, put nuts and dried fruit in it, and it made me feel spectacular. i then ate a cookie from subway and that made me feel gross. i then had a flatbread from subway with lots and lots of veggies and now i feel great again. if i can truly learn to listen to my body and adapt to its needs, i’ll be golden. i’ve also been able to stop myself from binge eating by questioning what exactly makes me want to eat. i will even talk to myself out loud, like “bitch please. you don’t want those cheetoes. you’re only eating because you’re bored.” and once i actually confront myself with those discoveries, i immediately back away from the food in question. i still have a long way to go, but these small breakthroughs are important for my long-term success, which is exactly what my nutritionist said on Thursday. i don’t see her again until December, but i am making it my goal to lose at least 10 pounds before i see her again. she’s always so proud of my progress and impressed with my honesty. seeing her makes me feel so much better about what changes i have made, even if i still struggle. losing weight and creating a healthy lifestyle is not about making large changes at once; for me, it’s about learning the intricacies of my body and that means not comparing my lifestyle to others and what works for them. more often than not, i compare my eating/exercise to that of some of my (very)fit friends and it just upsets me. i have to live for me and for what my body needs in order to survive and be successful. these concepts, although easy to articulate and write about, are very hard to shift from theory to application.

i haven’t slept well the past couple of weeks, either and i feel that’s because i have not been exercising. i got wrapped up in the wedding and hit the ground running into last week and just haven’t really stopped to make room for exercise. it needs to happen, and it will. i am just glad i haven’t given up on myself and am determined to get it back into my life. i will need this outlet in the fall because i have a very, very stressful semester looking me dead in the eye and saying “bring it, bitch.” but, i’m relatively sure this upcoming semester will leave me feeling better about myself and more confident about my life choices.

well, that’s about it. i hope your week is starting off fabulously. i now leave you with some pictures of my weekend adventures. stay healthy, y’all.

myself and Cecilia at ZE WAGON
farley and myself hanging out at the Paddy Wagon.
tricia and i after getting rained out at Rocky Horror.

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One thought on “The Heavy Hipster: Premium Slacker Extraordinaire!”

  1. You’re really making progress! Listening to your body, paying attention to how foods make you feel, and realizing that this is YOUR journey and not anyone else’s are all really huge steps! You should be very proud of yourself for making it to this point. I agree that it’s a lot easier said than done, but you recognize where you need to make changes and you’re making them, at your own pace, which is exactly how you should be doing it.

    Your recipes look and sound really good, too. I love sweet potatoes, but I only know a couple of ways to prepare them (baked or fried). So thanks for giving me another idea!!

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