A Running, Cooking Machine: 3 Miles, Vegan Barbecue Pizza, and Vegan Snickerdoodle Blondies!

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happy wednesday evening, folks. we’re officially half-way through the week and rocketing toward the weekend. i swear, there is no greater pleasure than the weekend. i feel like i constantly ramble on about how much i love the weekend, but who can argue? i guess people who work on the weekends could tell me to fuck off. fortunately, i work in academia and we only function through the week. sometimes, we only function through half the week. last semester, i was only on campus and responsible for being somewhere three days. i had to be on campus monday, tuesday, and thursday. crock of bullshit right? rest assured, i get my comeuppance in the fall– i’m on campus every single day because i must teach the childrens MWF. delightful! speaking of my classes, i’ve been working on my syllabi and my course outline. do you know how terrifying it is to realize that i am responsible for the grades/learning of 40 students? SERIOUSLY? oh god. i’m nauseous thinking about it.

speaking of nauseous, last night, i cranked out 3.3 miles running. my family, recognizing the bad day i had on Monday, tried to cheer me up by bringing me some veggies and taking me out to dinner.

dear sweet god of vegetables!

after my family took me out for a Casa dinner (where i showed real discipline and restraint i might add) i waited for a couple of hours, decided i was digested enough, and at first, ran 2.06 miles through campus and around the city of richmond. it was a struggle. i wanted to die. but, i met up with some NSCL friends because the NATIONAL JUNIOR CLASSICAL LEAGUE‘S NATIONAL CONVENTION IS AT EASTERN! click that link. read about my life in high school. after seeing and talking to them for a bit, i took off on another 1.25 miles through downtown. i eventually ended at the Paddy Wagon, got some water, and was taken home. i’m pretty proud of myself, but because of how much i’m struggling, i wonder if i will be ready for a half marathon this year. these are questions i really need to consider in the next couple of weeks, especially if i cannot get my training regulated.

today has been a great day for my culinary creations. i had a vegetarian BLT for lunch coupled with an orange and a cucumber from my parents’ garden. i’ve been trying to cut back on my dairy intake and have only eaten dairy/things with dairy in it, 4 or 5 times in the past 48 hours or so. but, i’ve had this craving for BBQ pizza and so, adapting one of the delicious recipes from the VegBergers, i went to the store after work, picked up some Gardin “chicken” strips, got some peppers, some onions, some barbecue sauce, and set to work! for the BBQ sauce, i had the choice of making my own, which i am hesitant to do, buy some rando brand that may not be vegetarian or vegan, or pay a little extra money for a good brand with ingredients i can trust and appreciate…and read. being able to read my ingredients has become incredibly important for me. i settled on Annie’s BBQ sauce, and if you have never tried an Annie’s product, you should. ASAP. i made a homemade crust and doused it in BBQ sauce

oh yeaaaaah

seriously. it was already smelling amazing and i couldn’t wait to try it! i cut up some green and yellow pepper along with a red pepper out of my parents’ garden! i also cut up some onion. i sliced up the chicken strips into smaller pieces and scattered all the ingredients across the sauce

oh man oh man oh man oh man!

and then, the magical, magical topping i have come to know as Daiya cheese

i wish you could hear the noises i'm making re-living this

and i popped it in the oven to cook! while it was baking, i decided to make Snickerdoodle Blondies found at this neat blog called Chocolate Covered Katie! check her out! i had never thought about using any sort of bean in dessert making, but this blog, the VegBergers, and my friend Stephanie have been in a rage about using beans in desserts so i decided to try it! this recipe called for a can of chickpeas, which i always keep on hand because i LOVE making my own hummus

mmhmm that's right

what you see on top of the chickpeas is almond butter and if you’ve never had almond butter, you probably should.

getting ready to go for a ride in the food processor

you put everything in your food processor, let it process until smooth and then put it in a greased or tin-foil lined baking pan!


as those were ready to go in, my pizza was ready to be devoured


i mourned when i was too full to eat more of this pizza. i took my first bite of it and praised myself out loud with “fuck yes. this is fucking awesome!” my dog was terrified. but, it was so good. i cannot even describe just how good this was. the BBQ sauce with the Daiya and the vegetables OH MAN. boyfriend ate the rest of it. i’m a little upset because i want another piece… unfortunately, i did not get a picture of the finished brownies. i stuck my hand in them too fast, ate some, and ruined a good picture. so, you can take my word for it: A-FUCKING-MAZING. seriously do it. make those. make those now. if you don’t, you’ll be sorry and puppies will be sad and kittens will be unable to play with string. it’s that serious.

that’s pretty much it in the life of the Heavy Hipster at this point. i’m really feeling this whole cooking thing and today i realized i have an arsenal of ingredients at my apartment. i have finally built a pantry with baking and cooking stuff i can use all the time! in fact, i did not have to buy a damn thing for those blondies! i had ALL of it. tomorrow, i’ll be heading back into the gym to lift some weights, run an bit, and then out to my parents’ for some swimming and to get my dog some exercise. speaking of my parents one more time, my mom, in her loving support of my fitness quests, bought me a Groupon today for yoga classes at a studio in Richmond. i’ve been dying to really get into yoga and this is going to kick-start it for me! i am so thankful to have such wonderful parents. i hope your week is going well and you’re happy. stay healthy, y’all.


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6 thoughts on “A Running, Cooking Machine: 3 Miles, Vegan Barbecue Pizza, and Vegan Snickerdoodle Blondies!”

  1. Love your opening pic. So beautiful!

    Your pizza looks SO good! And those blondies: I probably wouldn’t have gotten a pic either (nom, nom, nom). I’ve tried black bean brownies (can of black beans mashed up mixed with a box of brownie mix – bake per brownie box directions), and they’re really good.

    Way to go on running 3 miles!! That must have really felt amazing.

    1. thank you!

      and the blondies were amazing! my next goal is to make those black bean brownies! it’s amazing what you can do with beans!

  2. I love that I get to learn a new word in this blog~ comeuppance!
    Love how delicious your meals look and how creative!
    Keep up the great work~

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