Catching Up: The End of the Heavy Hipster Hiatus

break is ovaaaa

happy sunday morning to you all. i’m feeling a bit grouchy and i think it’s because i am hungover and class starts tomorrow. nervous nervous nervous. i am excited about the amount of structure that this will bring into my life. structure makes me efficient; structure makes me insanely happy. it’s when i lack structure that my life goes into the shitter and is very hard to repair. case and point, my hiatus from my blog wasn’t supposed to happen– i even took two weeks off of exercising. again, not supposed to happen. but, on friday, august 5th, my summer job ended and monday, august 15, i have training all week. so the week of august 8-now has been incredibly useless. i haven’t done shit but watch Mad Men and a bunch of movies, lame. just fucking lame. this week, i had 5 days of teaching training and i was exhausted by the end of the day. doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence in my endurance. anyway, i have been having food and other adventures the past couple of weeks and wanted to share those with you in the hopes that simply writing in this blog will jumpstart my life again.

my mom has inundated me with a fuckton of tomatoes, zucchinis, and cucumbers. i literally have no idea what to do with them. so, i made mexican pasta sauce!

all kinds of delicious.

this sauce had zucchini, corn, black beans, green peppers, onions, and all kinds of spices to make it delicious.

fuck yes whole foods pasta

i was also really pumped about using my Whole Foods pasta that i got on sale the last time i saw my nutritionist. it was delicious, as usual. i love everything about Whole Foods; i do not love that it’s a 30 minute drive for me to get to a Whole Foods, but i’m having a serious craving for some Daiya vegan cheese so i may have to drive up there to buy some necessary cooking supplies when i get paid this week.

don't worry, the cheese is measured!

this was incredibly delicious. i froze the rest of the sauce to use later when i’m feeling lazy and useless (which is usually how i feel on any given day).  and don’t worry, that cheese was measured for accurate calorie count. i also made a pretty ballin’ Minestrone soup last week in my crock pot, but i neglected to take a picture of it. i also froze it and am waiting for another day when i don’t feel like cooking.

the grocery store was also having a sale on tilapia filets. i have never cooked fish before and was anxious to try my hand at taking good, fresh seafood and making it into a delicious meal. i decided to make mexican spiced tilapia quesadillas. i put together (with some advice from friends) my own seasoning

mexican seasoning!

because store bought taco/fajita seasoning is the devil and i can’t understand the ingredients. i added this mixture to the raw filets (covered in olive oil)


baked them for a few minutes, shredded them, and put them into quesadillas with white mexican cheese

banging quesadillas

i even put together a little sour cream and shredded lettuce spread. i was feeling particularly feisty.

i went out to the bar the other night with friends and decided i needed to rock my drink Don Draper style, so i had an Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned!

it was actually really good, even though people “hoped that i hated it” so i would feel guilty about ordering it. well, scre-hew you, friends, it was delicious and filled with whiskey. don’t be jealous. it also gave me a sweeeet buzz. i was also an adult and steam-cleaned my carpet… like a champion. i was even super excited about it, watching the dirt and grime lifting off of my carpet fibers.

sweet clean carpet

i’m a nerd. whatever.

last week, i was on a baking mission because of all the extra zucchini i have. as i stated earlier, my mother has drowned me in freshly grown veggies and instead of letting them go bad (as i am wont to do) i jumped on a baking train and have not looked back. first up was zucchini banana bread since i also had 3 bananas that were bordering on complete death.

vegan banana zucchini BREAAAAD

and to use the rest of the zucchini that i had grated to death to make the bread, i found a dairy-free zucchini corn bread recipe


ignore the missing piece. i had already eaten it. this was definitely my favorite thing i made. to finish off the rest of the zucchini, other veggies i had on hand, and the bag of shrimp i had, i made shrimp and vegetable stuffed zucchini boats. they did not turn out as well as i would have hoped. they were a little dry and next time i make something like this, i will make some sauce to go on top of it. i don’t like dry food. should have just put some fucking ketchup on it.


you scrape out the insides


cook/mix a bunch of shit in a pot


fill empty boats and cook that shit up. make sure you have some ketchup or something. you know much i fucking love ketchup.

in the weeks that come, i will be adding a new paragraph in every entry in the Heavy Hipster called Kara Teaches where i describe my experiences that week. there won’t be any sort of details about my students or anything, but this is going to seriously impact my life and i have to mention it.

that’s all i’ve got. i hope you all are having a great Sunday. stay healthy, y’all.


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