Yoga: Realizing the Weight and Force of My Own Body


every time i leave a yoga session, i feel like i am able to accomplish anything. yoga, at times, has been excruciatingly hard for me. but now, i am convinced it is one of the greatest things i have ever done with my body. running is wonderful, but there is something so deeply satisfying about stretching every muscle in my body and pushing it to its limits. the result of that push, though, is the release of built up tension i have been holding, maybe for days, into the atmosphere around me. i am very fortunate i am able to do yoga. there are so many things i want to say about yoga, but i just cannot articulate it. i know it may sound ridiculous, but i truly believe yoga is saving me.


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trying to get by in this wonderfully difficult world

2 thoughts on “Yoga: Realizing the Weight and Force of My Own Body”

  1. I’d love to try yoga in a class setting, but I can’t afford it right now. I’ve got a couple of DVD’s, but they’re not true yoga (I discovered after I bought them). What are a few good poses that are the best for relieving tension/stress?

    1. it depends on where you carry your tension or stress. i really enjoy Child’s Pose because it’s simple and relaxing. you should do a search and see what some yogis say!

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