The Month of October: Goals

sundays should be called suckdays

screw a lot of sunday nights. sunday nights are incredibly depressing. this is exactly how i have felt all day today not just because of sunday, but because of my eating (and drinking) habits this weekend. i am so disappointed in my behavior; while i want to dwell on it, i am just going to keep moving forward and keep chipping away at the weight i want to lose. weekends mess up my entire flow. i am like a focused champion through the week and as soon as my life loses the structure of the school day, BAM. it’s over. it’s like i cannot control myself from 12:05 on Friday afternoon until about 1 pm on Sunday afternoon. that’s usually when the haze of the weekend is lifted and i am back to being focused power Kara.

i found out my nutritionist is leaving Central Baptist. i’m actually pretty devastated about it. i’m seeing her one last time on Tuesday to discuss my future plans and to set me up with another nutritionist. i really hate re-building relationships in situations like this. i already trust my nutritionist, she knows what i struggle with, and now, i have to do it all over again. listen to my first world problems.

this blog entry is solely dedicated to talking about my goals for the month of October. they are all achievable and i am so ready to start trying!

  • lose 6-8 pounds in the month of October.
  • successfully complete both the Homecoming 5k and the Black Cat Chase.
  • register for the Run the Bluegrass Half in March.
  • participate in and complete the EKU Iron Man Challenge. for this, i must bike 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles, and run 26.2 miles throughout the month of October. i am way pumped about this one.
  • try a brand new class at Exhale Studios.
  • go disc golfing at least once this month
  • hike at least once this month
  • go to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard/corn maze
  • walk to campus at least once a week.

these goals are all goals i am excited about completing, especially the Iron Man! October is going to be an exciting month for me– I can feel it.  that’s about all i have this evening, folks. i just wanted to get my goals out into the open before i forgot them or lost them. i hope you all have had a great weekend. stay healthy, y’all. 


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2 thoughts on “The Month of October: Goals”

  1. You can totally do this! I really like the walking and pumpkin patch goals! Reconnecting with the world around you can be a great form of motivation! So proud!

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