Take That, Self-Doubt: A 5 Mile Run in a Gorgeous Kentucky Autumn.

i love having freckles in the fall.

happy thursday afternoon, friends! my fall break is staring me in the eyes and i am so excited to have a four day weekend to explore Kentucky and it’s wonderful autumn offerings. i plan on going to a pumpkin patch, an apple orchard, maybe hiking and some disc golf. i just want to be active! none of this sitting in my apartment wasting the days away! i want to get out and DO. i hope you all have some great plans for this weekend. Kentucky is so beautiful in the fall and you should definitely enjoy it. Keeneland also opens tomorrow and i am SUPER PUMPED about going to the fall meet.

today was my weigh in and i lost another 1.8 pounds. i am so freaking proud of myself for not only following Weight Watchers, but for keeping up with it in my every day life. i track everything– my water, my food, my exercise, and it all serves to keep pushing me forward as i watch the numbers shift and change. it’s actually great for someone like me who has a compulsive need to understand every single aspect of the food i am putting into my mouth. i even discovered today that you can build a recipe through the website and it will tell you HOW MANY POINTS PER SERVING IT IS. this is revolutionary for me! i love to cook but i always worry about making my own food and tracking it appropriately and now, i never have to have that worry again! hooray! speaking of food, for dinner, i made a Veg-Bergers recipe– Harvest Cheddar Mac and Cheese! it was absolutely delicious and totally vegan. every bite was a sweet bit of pumpkin happiness. so, i plugged their recipe in to the recipe builder and voila! i know how many points it is!

today was my long run and it was 5 miles. i was both looking forward to and dreading it, but honestly, it seemed to go by so quickly. i know once i start building up to longer miles that it may not feel that way, but i am going to appreciate it now while i still have the chance. i started off a little slow, but i kept a consistent pace throughout. i was tired in the fourth mile, but i finished rather strong at 5.16 miles. i then walked another mile to cool down and give my legs a little rest. i was worried about my knee because it had been bothering me, but it held out just fine. thanks, knee! so, goodbye, self doubt. i now know i am fully capable of running a little more than 5 miles. my next obstacle is, of course, 6 miles. but, i’ll take care of that when i get there.

that’s all i got! i have my class tonight and i am teaching two classes tomorrow, although i do not know how many of them actually plan on showing up. it IS fall break after all. it would be hypocritical of me to be upset with them. i, after all, used to skip class like a champion, especially on weekends like fall break! stay healthy, y’all, and enjoy this GORGEOUS day!


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4 thoughts on “Take That, Self-Doubt: A 5 Mile Run in a Gorgeous Kentucky Autumn.”

  1. I love when I look at my blog’s stats and I see that your blog is a referring link! I’m glad you liked the MAC!! Because I’m in lurve with it.

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