13 Days to Halloween: A Jade Yoga Mat, Struggles, and My Second 5K

rain be damned. today is a good day.

happy wednesday, everyone! although it is a rainy, grim mess outside, i hope your spirits are high in anticipation of the weekend! i am for sure excited because this weekend is HOMECOMING and Raychell’s Baby Shower! so many exciting events, so little time. i am really stoked about seeing long lost friends, catching up, and of course, doing my EKU alum duty and tailgating. i hope the weather, though, is more cheerful than it is right now.

this week has been a week of ups and downs for the Heavy Hipster. last week, my weigh-in was less than desired, and while i still have to commend myself of the positive changes i have been making in my life, to see the number shift so little is incredibly frustrating. i know that my body is still adjusting to all of the new and exciting activities i am doing and i am running the potential of plateauing, but that does not make it easier to stomach. i was even more disappointed because i had DONE SO MUCH outdoors and had been so active. but, this week, i fully plan on taking my measurements with my weigh-in. i know i am shrinking– i just need to see the numbers to validate that thought. fortunately, though, that was my one true down this week; my ups have vastly outnumbered the negatives!

last weekend, i was really struggling with the idea of running. the last time i had run, i was tired, my legs felt heavy, and i wasn’t really into it. but, on saturday morning, i got myself out of bed and met Katie and Leslie to get some miles in. there was no set number of miles; there was only the desire to run as close to an hour as we could and sure as shit, we did it. i ran a little over 5 miles that afternoon, and with the help of those two awesome ladies, my faith in my running was restored. i even took a picture of my crazy sweat!


my arms are both soaked and you can see the body sweat. i do not care if you think it is disgusting. i am in love with my sweat these days. sweat is the sign of hard work and endurance– i’m determined to have both of those.

the same day, some friends and i took a trip to Keeneland to bet on some ponies and drink some beer. after the 5 mile run, i felt a lot better about enjoying my day at the race track. i bought a really pretty black pencil skirt from the Gap earlier and a cute sweater so i decided to… you know… tuck the sweater into the skirt and see how it looked on me. i have always been so evnvious of that style, but i was always so big i could never pull it off. i rocked it on Saturday, and i have to say that Micah and myself looked like total hotties


this weekend, i also played on some swings

and i ate at the Acres of Land Winery. it was wonderful.

acres of land!

a kentucky autumn is more beautiful than anything in the entire world. seriously, how gorgeous is this?

this week has been much better. i’ve been awoken by this sweet puppy over and over again

and felt pretty damn awesome while looking into a mirror

and, showed how serious i was about yoga when i bought my very own JADE mat!!!

beautiful mats with mellie

i needed the yoga class we had last night. after last week’s class and the feelings of failure i encountered, it was awesome to hold every pose as long as Andi wanted us to, and i felt accomplished and strong. the mind is stronger than the body. remember that.

tonight, for dinner, i made Tofu Tikka Masala! the tofu was marinated in fat free greek yogurt, a generous portion of spices, and some lemon juice. the tofu was then placed in a sauce of fat free half and half, tomato sauce, and jalepeno and garlic. deliciousness.

and some naan, which i made myself and it was really good!

and in the process of this, i got to use the KitchenAid mixer my friend Aleshia gave me!


i am in love with it. my food was good, my day has been good, despite the rain, and i am feeling on top of my goals. tonight is the first cast meeting of the Vagina Monologues, and i am super excited to meet all of the people in it and get this ball rolling. i am equally excited about my second 5k that i will be running this saturday for homecoming. while i am a bit bummed i will not be getting drunk with everyone on Friday night, i must fulfill this goal i set for myself. running this 5k means a lot to me and is a sign of how far i have come since the last homecoming. i have been training on this course for a couple of months now– i know the inclines, i know the rough patches, and i know where i will struggle the most. tomorrow, i’ll be jogging a couple of miles, but i want my legs to be rested and ready to go. i would like to set a new PR, but just running it is enough for me at this point. if you’re at the EKU homecoming parade downtown, cheer me on when i run by. it would make me incredibly happy. next weekend, i’ll be running my 3rd 5k in Frankfort, the Black Cat Chase. i’ll be discussing that more, though, as time progresses.

life feels good today and i cannot help but be so thankful for days where i feel in control of myself. i know that i will just keep getting better and that’s all i can hope for, really. i hope wednesday has been pleasant for you. stay healthy, y’all.


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One thought on “13 Days to Halloween: A Jade Yoga Mat, Struggles, and My Second 5K”

  1. A friend GAVE you a Kitchen Aid mixer? You do know how much those wondrous machines cost??? I love mine that my parents gave me for Christmas last year. On top of all your other accomplishments, you’ve been racking up and receiving a LOT of karmic points lately. ❤

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