Homecoming Havoc: Good Friends, Laughter, and a Drunk 5k?


i’m not even going to talk about how much i hate sunday nights. this sunday night is much worse than others, though, because it is the end of Homecoming season for me. this has been a wonderful weekend for me, and even though this post will be full of a lot of “slip-ups,” i had some good realizations as well.

this weekend was EKU’s homecoming; in order to be as stereotypical and reflective of my alma mater, i stayed drunk all weekend. i am not lying when i say “i was drunk all weekend.” what you might be wondering is “Kara, you had a 5k on Saturday.” and what i will say to you friends is yes, i had a 5k, and i ran it drunk. now, before anyone judges me for my obvious error, let me explain why i did it and why i will never, ever do it again. Friday night is always an alumnae dinner for my sorority; it is also the beginning of the marathon of drinking that is homecoming. i believed myself to be strong and decided to go to the bar, but only have a couple of beers. a couple of beers could easily be flushed out with a copious amount of water. i was going to go home around 11 and get a good night’s sleep before running. i am not as strong as i think i am sometimes. instead of having two beers, i started pre-gaming with some sorority sisters. i haven’t pre-gamed in years. and if you are unfamiliar with pre-gaming, it is this:

drinking before we go drinking?

pre-gaming is ESSENTIAL on nights where bars will be extremely busy. i pre-gamed with Four Loko, beer, and then continued to drink (and do shots!) when i got to my favorite bar, the paddy wagon. i blacked out. there are parts of the evening that i legitimately do not remember. needless to say, i woke up at 8am, after getting home sometime after midnight, on Saturday feeling like an absolute pile of dog shit. i mean, it was really bad. i drank some water, ate a ridiculous amount of Bob Evan’s and just hoped that i would make it through this race. i thought about bailing out of it (and most people after seeing me on Friday thought so, too) but no. i put my running gear on, dealt with some dizziness, and made it to campus to pick up my race number and my t-shirt.

it was the roughest run of my life. i was still drunk, i ate a bunch of heavy food 2 hours before running it, and i was so tired. but, i had done it to myself and i was going to prove to myself that i could do anything. working out is such a mental battle, and i won that battle.

thank you, Maelyn, for taking this picture! and yay, Kati Emo and Christine!

i kept running. i listened to my music and just kept myself pumped up. my pace wasn’t bad, actually, but the way i felt was so awful. i dealt with an intense side stitch for the first mile and a half; i had to take water in the middle of it. it was ridiculous. but i finished and finished proudly with two beautiful women.

yay, running!

i would have been so angry with myself if i had quit. protip: don’t run homecoming 5ks drunk. i even ate an orange! but, i felt like i was going to puke for at least an hour afterward. good thing i know how to keep myself together.

i got to see so many wonderful people this weekend.

pretty little theta, j.gapp. 
erikaaaa, the bulgarian babe.
k-ho. we run this shit.


the beautiful, inspiring andi. this girl is radical and awesome.

and a slew of other people with whom i do not have pictures or have not put pictures up on Facebook for me to stalk. this weekend was amazing for so many reasons, but the laughter was the best part of it all. i smiled and laughed all weekend long, even at myself when i woke up and realized what i had done.

saturday was spent tailgating. we won. i had my first experience being ID’d by an EKU Police Officer. it was interesting and slightly traumatic for me. that was one of my greatest fears as an underage drinker. now being arrested in a parking lot has replaced that fear. saturday night, i went to a party with a flask and a 2 liter of sprite zero. i’m not even mad. today, i had the most wonderful pleasure of going to Raychell & Andy’s baby shower for their little girl, Lucy, who i am excited and anxious to meet! it was another great afternoon celebrating with good friends who i do not always get to see as often as i would like. and, it was a gorgeous day. hell, it was a gorgeous weekend. even the weather wanted to celebrate our good moods. it was much appreciated, sun. anyway, as i said earlier, i came to some major realizations over the weekend.

realization number 1: regardless of how much i drank this weekend or how shitty my eating habits were, tomorrow i am going to wake up and continue forward in my weight loss battle. the “old” Kara would have just given up, but i am so motivated by the kind words of my friends this weekend that to give up would be preposterous and outrageous (plus i have another 5k this weekend; i can’t quit). i have come so far and i recognize the strength in myself. no part of me even considered giving this up because i feel SO good.  i am still moving forward, even if i felt like i was going backward this weekend.

realization 2: i have to be realistic about my goals and the way my life is structured. i like to pretend i am some sort of powerhouse of…well… power that doesn’t want to drink anymore, but that’s not really who i am. i enjoy having some drinks with friends, and i do believe i’ve stated it before, but i’ll state it again, i kind of dig being drunk. this doesn’t mean i want to be drunk every day or that i even want to drink every day, but i am allowed to live my life the way i want to live my life and if that means that some weekends i throw caution to the wind and get hammered with some friends, then so fucking be it. i am an adult and i make my decisions for myself. i have to be realistic. i am not perfect.

realization 3: i did not bail on that 5k. i can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that had that happened this time last year, hell, or even over the summer, i would have bailed. i would have quit and the EKU Fitness and Wellness center could have just kept my money and my t-shirt. but, i didn’t bail. i got out of bed, accepted that the run would suck, and did it anyway. i still got to have fun with everyone else after it was over, and i remembered how important this run was to ME. i had something to prove to myself and i proved it.

realization 4: my friends are unbelievably kind. and i still know how to drink like a freshman. there’s even a video of me doing a shot out of a flask.

well, friends, that was my weekend. i apologize for the length of this post, but i just felt like i had so much to say. EKU Homecoming 2011 was a great success! i hope you all had a fabulous weekend. stay healthy, y’all.


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3 thoughts on “Homecoming Havoc: Good Friends, Laughter, and a Drunk 5k?”

  1. So so so glad you didn’t “bail” on the 5K, I had a BLAST running with you! You are such an inspiration to me, no lie. Thanks for all the help, I never could have done that a couple months ago!

  2. Great post and those are some great realizations. I can especially relate to #2. It’s not always easy to remember that you’re not a robot and that you’re going to have moments/events where you just need to LIVE and not worry about being perfect. It’s okay!! Life shouldn’t be about “can’t’s” and “shouldn’t’s” all the time. My motto is “moderation, not deprivation” because if I want a burger and fries (or pizza or a late night run to the border) ONE day a week, or whatever, then I’m going to eat it without any guilt or negative feelings. Then the next meal/day, it’s back on the healthy track…moving forward towards my goals. Finding balance is key. Congrats to you on completing your race. Sounds like you had a great time with some great friends. 🙂

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