Hello, November: The Goals & Results Edition

pumped about november!

happy november, everyone! i hope everyone is as excited as i am about thanksgiving, autumn, and of course, UK basketball. november is honestly one of my favorite months of all time because it is filled with such good spirit and family time. i value the time i get to spend with my family, especially family like my sister and aunt who regularly drive in from out of town (my aunt lives 5 hours away!) to come to Kentucky to see us. the weather is beautiful this time of year, nature is absolutely gorgeous, and the sigh of hibernation is tangible in the atmosphere. this time of year is so exciting and so full of buzzing and cheer. i am way excited this holiday season!

this thanksgiving is a bit different than any thanksgiving i have ever had, though, and it’s because i am running a race on thanksgiving morning! i have decided i am upping my workouts this month in preparation for the holiday season because there is no way on this earth that i am turning down my mom’s food. there’s just no way. my lifestyle is meant to include indulgences and eating thanksgiving dinner is one of my indulgences. but, in order to be comfortable with that indulgence, i am going to start working out more throughout the week. i am going to keep running, but after the Iron Man challenge, i realized how essential it is to have cross training in my routine. i would also like to get back into weight training. i am in the process of creating my november goals; this post is meant to review my october goals. many events have taken place this month and i have been fortunate enough to experience a great deal of emotional ups and downs. one of my big “ups,” though was being chosen as the October Consultant of the Month by the Noel Studio!

get into it

and after looking at my list of goals from the first of october, i have fared pretty well. here is how i did!

  • lose 6-8 pounds in the month of October. if you include my weigh in today, i lost 6.2 pounds the month of october! this brings my total weight loss, since October of 2010, to 33.8 pounds. i have decreased my BMI from 32.7 to 28.4. i am 3 pounds away from my lowest weight, which was achieved in 2008! if i work really hard this week, i know that could happen next week. but, i am going to keep going at my own pace. it seems to be working out for me.
  • successfully complete both the Homecoming 5k and the Black Cat Chase. DONE AND DONE! shabuya! sha-sha-shabuya! and, just for proof, here are the results from the races that i ran this month:
black cat

oh ho yes. i completed BOTH of them.

  • register for the Run the Bluegrass Half in March. DONE. i registered for this race earlier this month and will be entering training shortly. i need to buy a good pair of compression pants, though, to make sure i stay warm when i’m running long distances outside.
  • participate in and complete the EKU Iron Man Challenge. for this, i must bike 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles, and run 26.2 miles throughout the month of October. i am way pumped about this one. oh yes. FINISHED. i got my confirmation e-mail today and i will be picking up my t-shirt on Friday. you can expect a picture. i am going to sport that sucker around like it’s nobody’s business.
  • try a brand new class at Exhale Studios. what’s up, yogilates? definitely had my butt kicked by that class, but it was a great experience! my legs felt like they were on fire, but in a good way!
  • go disc golfing at least once this month so much fun with such good friends.
  • hike at least once this month in the beautiful Red River Gorge over fall break!
  • go to a pumpkin patch/apple orchard/corn maze: i can only kind of cross this off. i was around a corn maze, but did not participate. i still have not been to an apple orchard, which is a total bummer.
  • walk to campus at least once a week. i could have definitely done better for this goal, but the weather got kind of sketchy for awhile and i just don’t feel like walking early in the morning when it is cold. i am going to try harder for this one while there is still some nice weather left. i just don’t like being cold.
i have been thinking about my November goals and i do not think they are as extensive as my goals for October. October was a big month for me, full of all kinds of interesting challenges. for November:
  • Lose 6-8 pounds. Right now, I am at 221.2, so if i hit my goals, i would end the month weighing anywhere from 215.2-213.2. i cannot even imagine those numbers. they sound so foreign at this point. but my hard work and diligence is paying off.
  • Complete the Thoroughbred Classic 5k on Thanksgiving Day! now, this is a new one for me. never have i ever gotten up on Thanksgiving and run a race before! but, i know this is just another sign of my changes i have made. this will be my fourth 5k this year.
  • Register for a race (or two!) in the the month of December. i have been looking at the Renfro Valley 6k, which i think would be a fun race! i’ve also been considering the Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve. right now, i am just unsure.
  • Begin the “Quit Smoking for Real” Process. i think i’m finally over it. my willpower is going to have to take over, though. i am a social smoker through and through, but i cannot let others influence my own actions. hopefully, i’ll be done completely by January 1, 2012.
  • Run at least two times a week, building myself up to prepare for half marathon training.
i realized that i have not taken my measurements in awhile; the last time was July 14th! so after i weighed myself, i did them today!
July 14th, 2011 Weight: 235
  • Bust: 39.5
  • Chest: 37.5
  • Upper Waist: 36
  • Middle Waist: 43
  • Hips: 44
  • Thigh: 26
  • Calf: 17
  • Arm: 14
November 3rd, 2011// Weight: 221.2
  • Bust: 40 (+.5 maybe my boobs are getting bigger?)
  • Chest: 37
  • Upper Waist: 36
  • Middle Waist: 42
  • Hips: 43.5
  • Thigh: 25
  • Calf: 17
  • Arm: 13
after looking at these measurements, i am more and more convinced that i was doing them wrong over the summer. i am definitely smaller than i was in July yet my measurements are the same. this time, i kept the tape loosely around me rather than strangling myself with it and i actually think these are my true measurements. huzzah!
i had a great week this week. for halloween, i dressed up as a nerd, complete with pokemon cards and a copy of the constitution of the united states of america. i am not making fun of anyone– i actually own these things myself and that was the ONLY reason i could make it happen.
oh yeah. white and nerdy.

tuesday night was my beloved hot yoga class that i love more than the sun, moon, and stars combined. i promised myself if i completed the Iron Man challenge i would buy myself no only a JADE yoga mat, but a Yogitoes Prism mat towel. i bought it on Tuesday and Casey bought her very own JADE mat!

new yoga pretty things with the pretty Casey!

i kind of look like a creep, so don’t judge. afterward, we went to Orange Leaf for some cool down fro-yo and had a blast, as always.

hooray fro yoga!
some of the prettiest girls i know

needless to say, it was definitely a night i needed. the puppy has been adorable as always. he’s a grade helper!

Carver helping me grade

he’s my sweet baby.

that’s all i have for right now. i hope you all are looking forward to the weekend– it’s almost here! stay healthy, y’all.


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3 thoughts on “Hello, November: The Goals & Results Edition”

  1. First things first: I am so proud of you. I loved yelling for you at the Black Cat, even though you didn’t see me.

    2nd: Just to pimp out my running group a little, I have several ladies who run in Richmond and there are gonna be lots of them (but not me) at the race on Thanksgiving. (lexrunladies.com) I really hope to meet you soon!

    3rd: dude. TJMaxx has a TON of running gear. I got pants and 3 jackets earlier this week. They also have hydration belts and hot yoga towels on the cheap (over by the dressing rooms).

    1. Krissie, thank you thank you THANK YOU for all of your positive encouragement. i feel very fortunate that you were cheering for me; that last half mile was a struggle! i would definitely love to meet you and meet the ladies that you run with! what is the next race you are running? are you doing anymore this year?

      and that is so awesome about TJ Maxx! i will check them out soon. i’ve never really looked for running gear there; it never even crossed my mind. but, i will go look. i need some pants for the winter time!

      you are wonderful. thank you.

  2. Good God, woman! Can you say natural beauty?! Geez! (sorry, ignore my jealous outbursts)

    Anyway, great job on accomplishing your goals for October!! You really rocked that list & got so much done! I love the Halloween costume, too. LOL!

    As always, you have inspired me. You went into the month with a great attitude, met or exceeded your goals and are seeing some great results because of all your hard work. Congrats on everything & I wish you a happy, healthy November!!

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