It’s Been a Long December: The Revival of the Heavy Hipster


happy winter solistice, friends! it is around 55 degrees in the state of Kentucky right now. needless to say, it does NOT feel like the winter solstice. this time last year we were enveloped in a white, wintry goodness and this year, we’ve been plagued with rain and mild temperatures. i cannot complain, though. these mild temps got me out into the streets and running again, which was exactly what i needed to boost my personal morale and self-esteem. i was struggling a bit for awhile, but i’d like to think that i am officially on the track to get better mentally, physically, and emotionally. it has been a rough couple of months for me and exercise and fitness has taken a backburner. but, starting today, i am going to move forward toward my goals and get back on track to becoming healthier.

i have been on some adventures in the past couple of months; i have also been in a few dark places where i wondered what exactly i was doing with my life. i have been happy, sad, scared, and frustrated in the past couple of months and i worried that i would never feel the way i used to feel– motivated, inspired, in control. there were some weeks i spent every single night at the bar; other weeks, i barely ate anything at all. the semester was coming to a close, i was stressed about my grades, and i felt like everything around me was spiraling out of control. finally, i feel like i have my head above the water.

in the past few months, i have spent time with friends


reunited townies


spent time with family

E & Ang
Lucas & Dad

and have kept my fitness in mind by leading a yoga class and running a 5k on thanksgiving!

sweet yoga bags
thoroughbred classic 5k!
leading morning yoga for the VM retreat!

i came to the end of my teaching career. that’s a video by the way.

coffee & stress!

and i participated in a flash mob!

flash mob!

those, again, are videos. while my life has not lacked in excitement, it has been lacking in structure, which is why i am returning to this blog. my blog motivates me, keeps me going, and holds me accountable when i simply cannot. today, i ran again for the first time in almost a month. the wind on my face, my feet on the pavement, and even the stitch in my side were all reminders why i do this, why i continue helping myself become the best i can be. this blog is a reminder of how far i’ve come and i refuse to lose sight of that now. i have a half marathon in March and i fully plan on kicking its ass so hard it can’t walk straight for a week. but, in order to do that, i have to recommit to myself and to my goals, no matter how sad i may feel while letting go of vices and habits i love so much. i just need to realize that my life means more than a couple of cigarettes and beers on a monday night.

i’ll be updating again soon with some New Year’s Resolutions, no matter how corny that shit is. it’s always fun to think about goals and such. i hope everyone is having a great holiday. stay healthy, y’all.


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4 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long December: The Revival of the Heavy Hipster”

  1. After watching that video, I’m pretty sure you were the flash mob. I kinda wish I was still at eastern to see that, the only thing I ever got to see was the dance battle during a midnight breakfast.

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