Looking Toward the Future: Heavy Hipster Hopes

happy thursday!

happy thursday, friends! it is currently snowing in the state of Kentucky and weh are under a winter weather advisory, which definitely means that WINTER IS HERE… total fucking bummer, man. i was really enjoying the 60s we were experiencing in the middle of January. i am not a cold weather person; i am not a precipitation person. i am, though, a weather person. i have always had a fascination with weather. i remember, very vividly, being young and watching hurricane coverage on the weather channel. i am the person my close friends turn to when they need to know what’s going on in the weather. i almost started a weather v-log channel over the summer, but, as with most of my endeavors, i did not follow through. that would have been fun, though! anyway, this snow thing is really rubbing me the wrong way. when it snows, all i want to do is curl up, nest, and not do anything until it is gone. i enjoy copious amounts of sunshine. i am a happier, healthier person in the sunshine. in fact, i used to justify the use of tanning beds because i believed it made me happier. that is neither here nor there, though. regardless, i have to deal with another Kentucky winter and then, hopefully, i’ll be moving somewhere new. where, do you ask? well, it all depends.

as many people may, or may not, know, i am pursuing another degree after i finish my MA in English. English has kind of become a barren wasteland for me and really offers no future. i do not want to teach, i do not want to enter into a PhD program, and i do not want to live in Kentucky anymore. last semester, as i’ve previously written, was incredibly rough for me. but, after some serious soul searching and looking around me, i have decided to earn a Master of Library Science degree. now, before you decide to get all weird about it, it is a very real degree and opens many doors for other opportunities. look it up and check it out. i am really excited. but, the only program in the state of Kentucky is at the University of Kentucky and while i do love my C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS, i do not want to live in Lexington. so, i am applying to three different schools (as of right now) and whichever one tells me they want to give me money or help me out with school will probably be where my future lies. without further ado, i bring you the options:

Option 1: Philadelphia
Drexel Dragons

option 1: Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Washington Huskies

Option 2: University of Washington in Seattle Washington.

LSU Tigers

Option 3 (and my absolute number one choice): Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

if i have my way and choice, i will be, in 7 months or so, moving to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to start at LSU. while this is one of the most terrifying, scary ideas i have ever come up with, i also think it is the healthiest and best for me. there will be more about these schools and this decision as i turn in more applications. this is going to be a long, tiring process, but i know i will end up where i should be. this semester is going to be incredibly rough. i take my comprehensive examination in march, turn in my huge graduate school paper in march, the vagina monologues are next month, my half marathon is in march, i am taking three graduate-level courses, and i am now preparing for two conferences– one in february and one in march. i could not imagine a more hectic semester, but there is such a big light at the end of this fucking tunnel of stress and hell. i just have to make it down that tunnel and seize my MA. fucking scary.

in other news, i have been on fire this week with exercise and keeping my shit together. i have run a little over 10 miles this week, beginning with my bomb-ass 7 mile run outside on Monday evening


and, now that i think about it, that may be the last time i run outside for quite some time. because of the impending snow and the low temperatures this morning, i went to the gym to run on the track for the first time almost a year. since i discovered running outside, running inside just seemed like such a cop out. but, since my half marathon is in 78 days (holla!) most of my training will be done throughout these winter months. i bought some sweet sweat wicking running pants, but i’m a bit… big for them just yet. in 5 or so pounds, i’ll be able to wear them comfortably. anyway, this morning, i jumped out onto the track  and i will not lie to you, i dreaded it. i hate the track. i hate how boring it is and the constant circling around and around. i was worried i would get bored and quit instead of sticking through to my planned 2.5 miles. but, i found out that i am actually a more relaxed runner on the track; i am more willing  to let my mind wander inside because i am not constantly surveying my surroundings. for instance, on my 7 mile run, i was chased by a dog. i know i will not be chased by a dog on the track in the EKU fitness and wellness center. i ended up running a little over a 5k this morning


and boy, did it feel great. i am so glad i got out of bed and went to the gym. small victories for me today indeed.

i also went back to my beloved hot yoga class this week and felt better than i’ve felt in months.

huge yoga class!

it always warms my heart when a yoga class is this big. it’s such a sense of community and effort. i am proud to have shared my practice with these lovely people. this class also reminded me that i am capable of anything i want and that if i just hold on for a few seconds longer, i will achieve it. i cannot give up when it is scary, when it is suffocating, when it hurts, when it’s straining. these are all tests i must overcome to eventually end up where i wish to be. that location, while it may still be unknown, will be reached and i will find that happiness. yoga always brings me such inner clarity and peace. i am thankful i have an able body.

on a final note, i weighed myself this morning and i am almost pre-christmas weight, which makes me incredibly excited. i was nervous that the pasta salad would hold on for a bit longer, but my body is responding well to good food and exercise. every day, i feel the strength i had before the break coming back to me and every day, running gets a bit easier than it was when i first started after the holidaze. while we all need a break and some time to veg out in front of the couch, i feel lightyears better than i did all three weeks i was on break. this is just another example of how much i need exercise and healthy eating in my life consistently, not just when it benefits me.

that’s all i have today. hopefully the snow doesn’t swallow richmond and i will be able to get out and about this weekend. i have some plans for some good eating, good shopping, and fun times with friends. the UK/Tennessee game is this weekend, so it should be a ridiculously fun Saturday. right now, i plan on getting up and getting some exercise in before going to the game. that is one of my new goals– work out before every UK game instead of just rolling out of bed and going to the Paddy Wagon to drink a fuckton of beer. until then, OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH


have a great weekend, keep warm, and stay healthy, y’all.


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One thought on “Looking Toward the Future: Heavy Hipster Hopes”

  1. Kara –
    You may already know this, but Indiana also has a Masters of Library Science program. Though not nearly as exciting as LSU, we would love to keep you a bit closer to home. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

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