I Am Not Done: A Revival Squared

graduation girl!


Once again, I made a video update instead of blogging traditionally to save time. Feel free to check it out. Half-Marathon this weekend! Stay Healthy, y’all! ❤


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trying to get by in this wonderfully difficult world

3 thoughts on “I Am Not Done: A Revival Squared”

  1. I love how open you are. You can do it! I feel you on the backsliding thing. I gained about 60 lbs in grad school. Lost all of it plus more when I got out and then gained 100+ when I had Logan. I am still in the terrifyingly high weight numbers AND unhealthy in every way. To someone who has never experienced the rollercoaster they can never understand how out of control you can feel at times. I need to get control again. So frustrating. You give me hope.

    In other news: I fear for your safety. Sirens were going off the entire time. Was there a murder?

    1. Exactly and I know you can do it, too. You’re a gorgeous woman and a hot mama. Rock that shit.

      I hadn’t even noticed the sirens! I’m not sure what the hell was happening!

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