27 Hour Triathlon?

general angst.

this is how i’ve felt for the past few days. i’m a generally angsty human being, as everyone probably knows, but i feel like it’s been worse. i don’t know if i can chalk it up to working retail around the holidays or if i just feel lost in my fitness journey again. i would say it’s probably a combined effort of a few of these annoyances that have made me feel this way.

i had a job interview at EKU on Friday, and for any of you who don’t know, i recently graduated from EKU with my MA in English and have been working at a bookstore since June. the professionals who interviewed me were very nice and asked me intensive questions, which i answered almost perfectly, i might add, but he kept repeating the same few phrases to me: “you’re overqualified” and “you’d be bored here.” now, don’t get me wrong, i know my Master’s degree is pretty rad and i am proud of myself for achieving such an accomplishment, but i am not used to hearing the words “overqualified.” in fact, i’m not used to being called back about a job, considering i’ve sent out applications to more than 200 places/positions and this interview was the first interview i’ve had since my interview, and subsequent hiring, at B&N. needless to say, the interview was almost a week ago, and i haven’t heard anything. i’m assuming i didn’t get the job, and honestly, i have made my peace with it. maybe this job interview was just to give me hope. i’ll find something eventually. until then, i suppose i will continue to shelve books and answer stupid questions for the time being. i’m fortunate to have such awesome coworkers, though. 

as far as my fitness goes, it seems like every time i get a good momentum, i let it go before it has fully solidified as a habit in my life again. i’ve decided that i really do need that gym membership at EKU; i will acquire one in January as i feel getting one in December is a waste of time as the operating hours are less than ideal for someone who does not still attend Eastern. plus, i’ll only have to pay 15 dollars for a parking pass. suckas! 

i’ve been looking at a plethora of races and have plenty of people who are willing to do said races with me. currently, i would like to participate in the Color Me Rad race in Lexington in March, the EKU Triathlon in April, and ultimately, the Flying Pig Half in May. these are all achievable goals and i love running races. it is the one time i don’t mind exercising with other human beings. well, that and yoga. i just need to pull the trigger and register for these races so they become tangible events in my life. if i know i have a race coming up, i am more willing to train for that race and run according to my runner’s world schedule. if i do not have a close goal, i find that it is easy to fizzle out and ignore the obligations to my body. 

i have also been looking into this: http://www.tri4freedom.com/27-hour.html. It is a 27 hour triathlon that can be split between teams of 10 for $200 a team. i calculated that if there is a team of 10, the longest anyone would have to run/bike would be 72 minutes, which is obviously an hour and 12 minutes and the longest anyone would have to swim would be 15 minutes. i am really interested in participating in something like this, especially since it supports human trafficking survivors in Lexington and raises awareness about human enslavement that still exists across the world. AND! if there were 10 people, the entrance fee would only be $20 per person. how exciting, y’all. but, seriously, i really want to do this. it’s 6 months away! 

i really just needed to write this blog entry to get my thoughts out, honestly. i go apeshit looking at all of these races and i really just need to remind myself that i am capable of running them because i have before! i’m a half-marathoner! i just need to put the effort back into it and push myself to make my running and eating healthily a habit once more. the good news is i’ve cut back on the amount of drinking i’ve been doing and the amount of smoking. one of these days, i’m going to kick my smoking habit for good. i’m just not ready yet. 

stay healthy, y’all. 


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