I Walk the Line: Introducing Other Activities

i look like a hobo. sad.

i look like a hobo sometimes. i have accepted this fact about myself. today, i woke up with two of the sorest thigh muscles i have ever had. i had barely moved after i woke up when i knew it was going to be a difficult day to even walk. so, i abandoned my ideas of running and instead, i went for a one hour walk with one of my good friends. we chatted, laughed, and got some exercise in, too. i have to give her a shout-out, though. 

big sister, catie!

when i was in college, i was in a sorority and the girl in the picture behind me is my big sister, catie. recently, she decided she wanted to get healthy and start running. this girl has lost 30 fucking pounds from running and eating well. she very rarely eats out anymore and has quit most bad habits that still run rampant in my own head. she is a huge motivation for me, especially recently, because she is on fire for what she is doing right now and is full of this great attitude that is incredibly infectious. i just had to recognize her for my recent burst of motivation and trying to get my health together, truly, for the first time in quite some time. i am so thankful for her, especially the past few days. it’s been super rad to have someone to look up to when i’ve been struggling for the past few weeks. 

i realized today that walking also counts as exercise. it is not as high impact as running and it may take longer to burn calories, it is a nice way to get some calories burned and miles it. it also helped my thighs from being so fucking sore. but tomorrow, i am going to go to the gym or suck it up and run outside and get a mile to two miles in– nothing intense, just a couple of gentle miles to build my habits back up. the first week of my running plan is creeping slowly upon me and i have to be conditioned to be able to run 5 miles by then. i know i can do it– i just have to stay motivated and consistent. 

basically, what this comes down to, more than anything, is i miss my favorite pair of jeans. i will get back into those jeans. i feel good about myself. today, i feel good. stay healthy, y’all. 


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