The Buzzfeed Challenge

out of control
out of control

I haven’t written in this blog in well over a year because, calling a spade a spade here, I haven’t been doing anything in the fitness or nutritional world to write about. I haven’t been consistent with my eating or my workouts, I haven’t been making the best choices, and I’ve pretty much been living on a diet of beer and Mexican food for the past couple of months. I’ve started feeling weird, though, friends. I don’t mean weird as in how weird my personality is, but my body feels weird. My insides don’t feel healthy; I can feel how poorly I’m treating myself. So, I’ve decided to sort of jump back into the game. I’ve been going to my new gym for a couple of months now, exploring their fitness classes, and starting to run outside again. I have to be honest with myself, though. I know I won’t be able to run at the endurance or capacity that I had a couple of years ago, but at least I have a good starting point for where I am.

In order to sort of jump start my food and detox my body, I’m starting the Buzzfeed Clean Eating Challenge. It’s two weeks of non-processed food and no alcohol (!!!!!); every meal I’ll make myself out of raw food or the leftovers from a previous meal. It’s going to be a challenge for me, obviously, because I love Mexican food, I love alcohol, and I’m kind of lazy. I sank a lot of money into this challenge so hopefully, knowing how much money I spent will keep me on track. I am nervous about the calorie intake; I am worried I won’t be eating enough. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, though. Most of the meals seem pretty easy to cook or put together. The biggest challenge so far has been navigating the grocery store. When you hae no idea what “fennel” looks like, it’s hard to find it in the produce section with all of the other root vegetables. I also have no idea what Medjool dates look like, so I wandered around my local Kroger for almost 2 hours yesterday getting one week’s worth of groceries. I felt like a big dumb dumb, y’all.

So, this morning, I woke up hungry, immediately craving some sort of greasy brunch food (because I love brunch), but instead, I went to the freezer, pulled out my pre-prepared smoothie pack, and made myself a Kale & Banana Smoothie. Week One, Day One, Meal One:

kale & banana smoothie
kale & banana smoothie

I am making a big batch of steamed kale, grilled chicken, quinoa, and orange vinaigrette for meals throughout the next couple of days. If I go ahead and do it, and know it’s there, it will make it easier for me to stick to it rather than laze out and ruin any progress I’ve made. I feel like this may be hard, but if I keep the health benefits in mind, it will be easier.

We’ll see how this goes. Stay healthy, y’all.


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4 thoughts on “The Buzzfeed Challenge”

  1. Make sure to not beat yourself up if your body needs more calories than the plan dictates. Every body is DIFFERENT and has a set point (I know, all I do is talk about the set point theory but it is SCIENCE!!!). Remember if your body is needing more but you restrict, it will go into storing mode and start holding on to anything you put in it for dear life!! I’m only saying this because you mentioned being afraid it’s not enough. *runs away*

  2. I know this will be hard but you can do it. And pre planning meals is half the battle! Smart girl!!

  3. It gives you recipes? I have some good resources for homemade meal plans, if you’re interested…not boring stuff, either, but it’s low on calories and geared toward four servings (allowing for leftovers).

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