So, I Put My Faith in Something Unknown: My Running Coach and Looking Forward

Left: March Right: December

good evening, folks. instead of being out partying like many people i know, i am in my bed preparing for what promises to be an incredibly hectic day at work, but i am so excited about my future that i had to blog about it before i went to bed. the photo above, obviously, contains two pictures: one before my half marathon in March and the other a couple of weeks ago in late November/early December. i believe that putting these images next to each other will help me gauge where i have gained weight and, unfortunately, where i may have lost my muscles. i may be overly happy, because while i see a difference, it isn’t as huge as i had once thought. i have this super negative perception of my body and how much space i take up in the world. but, my poor thighs. they were once powerful tree trunks of, well, power, and i have lost most of the muscles that once thrived there. regardless, i now see where i need to put work into my body and that brings me to my next item of interest…

I HAVE A RUN COACH and she is lovely, amazing, and fabulous in every way imaginable. while i have been capable of running myself and following a pretty decent schedule, having someone who knows how to build endurance, someone who is there to answer specific questions about running, and someone who has been on her own journey and knows how to inspire others. in the fall of 2011, she started a running group in Lexington dubbed The LexRunLadies that has grown to include a huge number of men and women; i am honestly so proud to know her and her husband. initially, we began speaking through DailyMile, the website i use to keep track of my running progress and mileage throughout the week, and she has become one of the biggest motivators in my quest to become a healthy runner. she is also a trained running coach and after seeing me bounce back and forth between motivated and motivation-less, she approached me about helping me with a training schedule and getting me trained, here i am and i am ready to follow through and stay dedicated to my goals. you should check her running coach website out here: Committed Coaching. i will be, thus, preparing for the Flying Pig Half Marathon while doing various 5ks (and hopefully obstacle courses!) along the way. but seriously, i’m pretty obsessed with her.

i finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. i have a plan. i have a strategy. i have people behind me. stay healthy, y’all.


September 5: The Day the Heavy Hipster Ran 5 Miles

5 miles

hello, friends!what you see above is me being proud of how sweaty i was! i envy sweat. i am sorry i have been so absent. i know i wrote a vague, vague entry about a week ago saying i was under construction and it’s true. i’ve spent the past week trying to get myself into running again because i have missed it and because i do not want to backslide and gain the 20 pounds i’ve lost back. i am tired of gaining weight; from now on, i just want to lose weight. it’s been an interesting week, but it’s been a week of rewards and happiness. it has been a week of reminders that encourage and push me to succeed with each strike of my foot against the pavement and each bite of food i put in my mouth. as Eminem says “success is my only motherfucking option, failure’s not” and right now, i am refusing to fail.

last tuesday, i got back onto the pavement and cranked out 1.6 miles. i was so proud of myself that i registered for a 5k this month to keep myself motivated. in fact, i think i am going to keep registering for races every single month because those suckers are not cheap and i don’t like spending money unless it benefits me. this way, i don’t waste money and i keep myself running. my friend Katie YM told me about a website called “Runner’s World” where you can create running plans. my ultimate goal is the Derby Half Marathon in April so i created a plan for that race. it gradually builds me up to that point and i think if i stick with it, i will own that race.

tuesday night i went to Hot Yoga. i really have fallen in love with Yoga as a way to keep my mind healthy as well as my body. Yoga centers me and calms me down; it is also a way for me to spend some time with myself without having to worry about other people. it feels good to take some time to do what i want to do instead of what other people want to do. i wish i could do it more often.

thursday, i got up and ran 2.7 miles just to prove to myself i could do it. saturday morning, i met with some friends and ran; saturday, i ran 3.2 miles in 40 minutes and then did 45 minutes of zumba afterward. saturday was a big deal for me because it was proof i can run a 5k in 40 minutes. it took Katie YM & Leslie getting behind me and essentially yelling at me to go faster so i could accomplish my goal, but without them, i wouldn’t have done it. zumba was fun and electrifying like always; i had a blast making faces in the mirror at Trenia and Tricia. zumba is one of those awesome things that i hate while i am doing it, but afterward, i can see the fun, if that makes any sense at all.

then, today, boyfriend and i went to the mall and DUN DUN DUN GUESS WHO FITS IN GAP & FOSSIL CLOTHES NOW?!


oh yeah. fueled by the success of my shopping excursion, i came home, put on my running gear, and set out in the rain. i hit 2.5 miles and kept going; i hit 3.5 miles and kept going; i hit 4.5 miles and kept going. i finally stopped when i, Kara Lairson, hit FIVE MILES. FIVE WHOLE MILES. i couldn’t even run 60 seconds in January and now i’m running 5 miles.

PROOF (ignore the fact that the time is wrong)

so damn proud of myself. i never thought i could do something like this and now i have. happiness. stay healthy, y’all.