Non-Scale Victories: Lotus Pose, an 11:39 Pace, Hiking the Gorge, and a Sweet Pair of Jeans

happy day in the gorge!

what a great fall break i have had so far! it has not only been beautiful and full of happiness, but has contained a lot of personal victories for me that have ultimately been my fuel. i have been disconnected with a lot of the stressors in my life over this break and i have really been able to evaluate myself.

on tuesday, i went to my hot yoga class as usual. my instructor had us doing some intense poses, like crow and other variations of that pose. while i was very close to nailing crow pose, i think i let my fear overtake me and it is now a pose that i am going to work toward in the next few months. i discovered in this class that i am able to finally achieve and maintain a side plank, which is something i could not do. i can also hold a basic plank, which makes me INCREDIBLY happy! but, my happiest moment was realizing that i could sit in Lotus

i still have some work to do before i am fully satisfied with it, but the fact that i can get into the pose and hold it for an extended period of time makes me ECSTATIC. it’s impossible to fully articulate. i am still giddy just thinking about it.

on saturday, i knew i was going to be going to Lexington to have some drinks and dinner with three of my closest friends, so i needed to get my run in, regardless of if i wanted to do it or not. that morning, my parents offered to take my dog for the day, which was AWESOME for me and the boyfriend. we played with puppy in my parents’ backyard for a bit, and then headed back to go to the gym. i hopped on a treadmill and set myself up at my normal pace, but wasn’t satisfied. so, i cranked it up a notch and then another and then another. i ran 3.1 miles at an 11:39 pace, which is by FAR my fastest pace EVER. i finished my run in 36:08, which means i shaved almost 3:40 off of my normal 5k time. i worry that i will have problems pacing myself outside at this speed because of hills and such, but the fact that i was able to do that is inspiring for me. i just need to keep moving forward and concentrate on building myself up slowly. after the run, i jumped on the bike for 45 minutes and cranked out another 10 miles to go toward the EKU Iron Man. i only have 94 to go. i’ll get it done!

sunday and today were spent at Red River Gorge camping and hiking with some close friends.

we did some shorter trails, which was a lot of fun. myself and a friend practiced some yoga this morning when we woke up

i did some child’s posin’

i also did some plankin’

we hiked some of the shorter trails and did the “Whale’s Tail” trail, where i had to have a picture overlooking the beauty of the gorge

it was all just so breathtaking. after the gorge, i went right to a pumpkin patch with some other friends and walked around a farm looking for the perfect gourds! one of these friends gave me a pair of jeans from American Eagle that are a size 16. now, i know i can wear a 16 at Old Navy, but i am hesitant to try on 16s at any other store because i fear failure. i brought these jeans home, prepared for them to not fit, and then BAM. they buttoned comfortably. i just smiled and congratulated myself. i will not give up. i will not stop moving forward.

i hope you all have had a great weekend. stay healthy, y’all & spend some time outside.