27 Hour Triathlon?

general angst.

this is how i’ve felt for the past few days. i’m a generally angsty human being, as everyone probably knows, but i feel like it’s been worse. i don’t know if i can chalk it up to working retail around the holidays or if i just feel lost in my fitness journey again. i would say it’s probably a combined effort of a few of these annoyances that have made me feel this way.

i had a job interview at EKU on Friday, and for any of you who don’t know, i recently graduated from EKU with my MA in English and have been working at a bookstore since June. the professionals who interviewed me were very nice and asked me intensive questions, which i answered almost perfectly, i might add, but he kept repeating the same few phrases to me: “you’re overqualified” and “you’d be bored here.” now, don’t get me wrong, i know my Master’s degree is pretty rad and i am proud of myself for achieving such an accomplishment, but i am not used to hearing the words “overqualified.” in fact, i’m not used to being called back about a job, considering i’ve sent out applications to more than 200 places/positions and this interview was the first interview i’ve had since my interview, and subsequent hiring, at B&N. needless to say, the interview was almost a week ago, and i haven’t heard anything. i’m assuming i didn’t get the job, and honestly, i have made my peace with it. maybe this job interview was just to give me hope. i’ll find something eventually. until then, i suppose i will continue to shelve books and answer stupid questions for the time being. i’m fortunate to have such awesome coworkers, though. 

as far as my fitness goes, it seems like every time i get a good momentum, i let it go before it has fully solidified as a habit in my life again. i’ve decided that i really do need that gym membership at EKU; i will acquire one in January as i feel getting one in December is a waste of time as the operating hours are less than ideal for someone who does not still attend Eastern. plus, i’ll only have to pay 15 dollars for a parking pass. suckas! 

i’ve been looking at a plethora of races and have plenty of people who are willing to do said races with me. currently, i would like to participate in the Color Me Rad race in Lexington in March, the EKU Triathlon in April, and ultimately, the Flying Pig Half in May. these are all achievable goals and i love running races. it is the one time i don’t mind exercising with other human beings. well, that and yoga. i just need to pull the trigger and register for these races so they become tangible events in my life. if i know i have a race coming up, i am more willing to train for that race and run according to my runner’s world schedule. if i do not have a close goal, i find that it is easy to fizzle out and ignore the obligations to my body. 

i have also been looking into this: http://www.tri4freedom.com/27-hour.html. It is a 27 hour triathlon that can be split between teams of 10 for $200 a team. i calculated that if there is a team of 10, the longest anyone would have to run/bike would be 72 minutes, which is obviously an hour and 12 minutes and the longest anyone would have to swim would be 15 minutes. i am really interested in participating in something like this, especially since it supports human trafficking survivors in Lexington and raises awareness about human enslavement that still exists across the world. AND! if there were 10 people, the entrance fee would only be $20 per person. how exciting, y’all. but, seriously, i really want to do this. it’s 6 months away! 

i really just needed to write this blog entry to get my thoughts out, honestly. i go apeshit looking at all of these races and i really just need to remind myself that i am capable of running them because i have before! i’m a half-marathoner! i just need to put the effort back into it and push myself to make my running and eating healthily a habit once more. the good news is i’ve cut back on the amount of drinking i’ve been doing and the amount of smoking. one of these days, i’m going to kick my smoking habit for good. i’m just not ready yet. 

stay healthy, y’all. 


Sunday Funday: Rededicating Myself to My Goals

i look like a hobo today, but whatevs!

i’ve been in the middle of a terrible battle the past few weeks, friends. since January 2nd, i have been aiming to create a better body, mind, and soul, but i have seriously been neglecting my goals; my determination and dedication has excessively waned. essentially, i’ve been neglecting the food portion of my journey. i’ve also been slacking off on weekends instead of using that open time to try new exercise, like going to parks or just walking around my neighborhood with my dog. i am not embarking upon these activities and am letting the lazy part of me get the best of my food decisions. instead of making something at home, saving money and calories, i opt instead for food outside of my home because it’s easy. i need to learn to do what’s right, not what’s easy. i can’t expect anything to happen positively to my body if i only treat it positively for the first four days of the week. i keep thinking “it’ll be easier when i have an office in the fall because i’ll have a microwave and a fridge.” but the things in life that are worth something aren’t always easy and this means something to me. becoming an athlete, losing weight, learning to treat myself better is worth something to me. i have come so far since January, and although my progress has been slow, i recognize that it’s my fault because i haven’t been doing everything in my power to make sure i’m getting the nutrients i need. i’m not moving my body the way it wants to be moved. i want to change all of this, but i know it’s going to be hard.

this weekend, i’ve been really considering my options and while they haven’t been the best options, they’ve been better than options i’ve previously made. a couple of times, i’ve consciously made the decision to make food inside the apartment rather than going out and spending money. yesterday, after boyfriend and i got home from gallivanting around Lexington for a couple of hours, i decided to make homemade pizzas since we have so many veggies and toppings right now.

homemade crust and sauce!

the crust has five ingredients: flour, yeast, olive oil, salt, and water. it cooks in 15 minutes. it is delicious and a great crust for that sauce, which is the sauce i’m always going on and on and on about. for the pizza, though, i mashed up the tomatoes for a thicker sauce. i can’t even handle how good that sauce is. i can’t wait until i get some of my parents’ tomatoes and use fresh garden vegetables instead of canned vegetables.

mine is the left side; boyfriend's is the right

the left hand side of the pizza is my pizza– green peppers, onions, and some goat cheese. andy’s side has spinach, mushrooms, green peppers, and feta cheese. then

pizza! pizza! pizza!

the left hand side, again, is mine and it has some mozzarella with a sprinkle of parmesean; the right hand side has mozzarella, parmesean, and cheddar. it was delicious. we also had some veggie buffalo chick’n wings and a breadstick. it was a great afternoon meal and it was incredibly easy and filling, too.

today, i went to the grocery store and picked up some things for the week, including frozen yogurt. one of my biggest downfalls these past couple of weeks has been an unquenchable need for ice cream and with frozen yogurt, i will get that frozen creaminess i want, but without all the fat and calories… and without the bellyache considering i’m mildly lactose intolerant but insist on eating dairy anyway. i bought corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas and i feel like small decisions like this will eventually create good, natural habits.

i’m still working on training for a triathlon, but i got a wild hair up my ass and thought about maybe doing a series of triathlons this summer, starting with the Markey Race for Women’s Cancer in June, followed by the Lame Duck Try-Athlon in July and ending with the Susan Bradley Tri for Sight in September. we’ll see about all this, though. i don’t want to get in over my head, but i think it would be a good way to keep me motivated and active all summer. i’ll keep everything updated!

i’m feeling pretty motivated today. i know i can do this. stay healthy, y’all.

Achieving My Goal: Triathlon Training Begins!

ignore the crazy hair!

good morning, everyone! i hope your week has started happily, easily, and free of any stress. i wish i could say the same about my week, but i’ll get through it. my biggest problem at this juncture in my life is learning how to properly organize and utilize my time. procrastinating is so much easier than actually delving into the work sitting in front of me. hopefully, i’ll get my act together and get done what i need to get done this week. physically, this week is off to a great start! i started triathlon training yesterday in hopes of participating in a triathlon on June 4th in Taylorsville, KY. the website is here. the race i’m looking into doing is the “super sprint,” which is the shortest of the races. i think if i stick to my plan that i created and actually put some effort into it, i’ll be able to do it and do it well.

i went back to the nutritionist last week for a checkup and to talk to her about my slowly-slipping motivation and she filled me with more motivation! my new goals are to lose 3 pounds by May 9th, get more movement on the weekends, and try to up the amount of fruits/vegetables i eat. i meet with her again on May 9th. she’s so sweet and supportive. i’m very lucky to have the opportunity to visit her.

this week has been a week of new culinary creations! i tried two new dishes this week and made an ol’ faithful. fortunately, i took pictures of all of them to show off because i was and am super proud of the cooking i’ve been doing. all of the recipes had at least one serving of vegetables per portion, possibly two, depending on which dish. the first recipe i tried was last Wednesday night

veggie lasagna preparation!

this is the beginning of the veggie lasagna i made! the sauce is that homemade annie’s sauce i’m absolutely obsessed with, barrilla noodles, and the veggies i used included mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers, spinach, and a bit of onion.

nom. cooked lasagna!

nom nom nom nom. the cheese filling i used included trader joe’s ricotta cheese mixed with 2 eggs and some mozzarella; the top cheese, just a little bit, is some sharp cheddar. the lasagna was delicious. DELICIOUS. along with the lasagna,


mmmmm salad. spinach & mixed baby greens topped with soy nuts, goat cheese, dried cranberries, and roasted red pepper vinaigrette (not pictured). it was effing delicious. boyfriend also went out and picked up some parmesan bread. we cut it up and toasted it

bread bread bread!

oh so delicious.

thursday night, we were in the mood for mexican, so i made some veggie quesadillas. my quesadilla had green peppers, onions, and pinto beans while boyfriends had green peppers, mushrooms, and pinto beans. both quesadillas featured a pepper jack cheddar cheese mix, topped with a big serving (fat free, i might add) of sour cream


this is my quesadilla. you can tell by the excessive amount of sour cream. it was fat free sour cream, though. i love sour cream. i wish i could express my love for sour cream without seeming like a weirdo. way in the back of the picture, you can see my new obsession: wholly salsa. it tastes very similar to Casa’s salsa, it’s natural, and it’s low calorie. i like to pair it with Garden of Eatin’ natural blue chips. unfortunately, that usually turns into half a tub of salsa and half a bag of baked tortilla chips. so good. so so so so so so so good. try it. seriously.

sunday, i wanted potato soup. so, i made my own potato soup. i used some vegetable broth, a couple cans of cream of mushroom soup, some spices, and i cut up potatoes, celery, and carrots. let it cook in the crockpot for 8 hours or so, added a couple cups of soy milk and some light cheddar cheese, mixed it up and BAM

it was awesome if i do say so myself. we also toasted some fresh french bread loaf and that is more sour cream you see in my potato soup. whatever. don’t judge.

this week i also started my triathlon training. yesterday, i was supposed to swim 400yds (8 laps), but instead i went back to sleep. i got up and biked 5.25 miles as per my training schedule. i’m really getting the hang of biking and my muscles are adapting pretty quickly to the change in motion. today, i got up at 7, swam my 8 laps, went to the gym immediately after, biked 3.4 miles (in 12:49, i might add) and ran 1.3 miles in 16:25. i’m cutting all kinds of time off of my exercise! tomorrow, i’m up for 10 laps of swimming and running a mile. super pumped! i’m going to try to cut more time off of my running. i will get faster, dammit! i will!

that’s about it. i’m super excited about my future training and i’m even more excited about summertime so i am free to cook all i want, go to farmer’s markets for fresh vegetables, and spend time working out the way i want instead of rushing it in my day. although it doesn’t feel much like summer today (it’s super gross in Richmond, KY), i know it’s coming. have a good tuesday and stay healthy, y’all.

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

eat shit, monday

mondays are, for the most part, incredibly lame. i am having a very, very lame monday. but, i have confidence my week will get better. i just need to make sure i keep taking care of myself, my foot, and my nutritional needs. weekends are so hard to stay on the wagon; i wish i could articulate just how hard it is for me. i spent a lot of time this weekend actually discussing nutrition with a couple of my friends and i realize it’s a slow process, but they have it so much more together than me. i know comparing myself to other people is a ridiculously bad choice for self-esteem and confidence, but it’s something i feel we as a society have been programmed to do– we compare ourselves mercilessly to other women, or to men and their progress, for that matter. i can’t help but feel a tad bit jealous when one of my friends accomplishes a great goal or feat of fitness. i just need to take that jealousy or frustration and use it to propel myself further into exercise rather than let it defeat me and eat my weight in french fries. i honestly think that may have happened this weekend. dammit. but tomorrow, i’m going to the gym and SWIMMING. yes, you read that correctly. i am swimming now and i absolutely fucking LOVE IT.

last week, i started going crazy from the lack of exercise i had been getting after spraining my foot. wednesday, after some nerves and calming myself down from the anxiety i felt about approaching a new, unfamiliar activity, i put my bathing suit on and trucked it to the pool. after asking the lifeguard, who was rather perplexed by someone asking him how to get into the pool (it’s complicated, whatever), i waited for a lane to open up and when one did, i seized my opportunity and jumped in! the first time i swam on wednesday, i didn’t keep track of how far or how much i swam; i know i was in the water for at least 30 minutes, and it felt so good to get my heart pumping. i love swimming and it will be something i continue to do, regardless of my sprain and when it heals. it’s a great crosstraining exercise because it forces you to use your entire body. my back muscles thanked me for the workout. thursday, i went to the gym and actually got on the elliptical! i did interval training for 33 minutes and did some strength training on my legs since they haven’t been getting as much of a workout as they did previously. friday morning, i went for the pool again and this time, i kept track of my laps/lengths. did you know a length in the pool is one time down and a lap is one time down and back? i did 46 lengths or 23 laps in a 25 yard pool; this ultimately means i swam .7 of a mile. hurray kara! i love swimming! this brings me to revealing a big secret/longing/next big training goal: next year, i am participating in a sprint triathlon, which is a combination of .4 miles of swimming, 3.1 miles of running, and 12.4 miles of biking. honestly, if i got my ass in gear and trained hard over the summer, i may try to do one in september. we’ll see. it’s been a life-long dream to be a triathlete– i want it.

and then i blew it this weekend. whatever. don’t want to talk about it. it’s hard. i hate the weekends because they ruin my productivity and my life whatever damn ugh fuck. i need accountability and this just isn’t doing it. help? i know i need help; i have a hard time accepting help. i feel like help is critical sometimes, you know? but in order to succeed, i need to be kept accountable for my actions, even on the weekends. just because it is a weekend does not give me an excuse to eat like a slob. it does not it does not it does not. damn.

in the food area, i only stepped outside the box once this week when it came to culinary creations.


homemade falafel on top of a flatbread with spinach, low fat feta, and some trader joe’s tzatziki (which i love more than anything, really); on the side, we had some cous-cous. it was actually pretty good, although i’m not quite sure if i really like falafel. i really enjoyed the flatbread. and tzatziki. and feta. and spinach. yum. boyfriend made stuffed peppers on thursday night and i gorged myself on how delicious they were; for the side, then, we had a salad with some low fat raspberry vinaigrette, some strawberries, and a sprinkling of feta cheese. we have a thing for feta cheese, obviously. i really cannot wait for school to be over so i can cook all the time and not have this shitstorm of a schedule i have right now. i really do enjoy cooking but i never have time to do it because i have classes at night on monday and tuesday and i like going to yoga on thursday nights so i try not to eat heavily then. lame. but i will get to it. i will cook more and it will be delicious. there are so many recipes i would love to try in the near future and i will keep you all posted!

as for now, i’m recovering from my foot and my super lax weekend of pretending my metabolism is glorious. i can’t eat anything i want. i know that. but sometimes, i like to pretend. carver gets a crazy eye when i pretend too much, though

crazy eye carver!

i am capable of changing my entire future– i just need to settle down and get my goals and priorities back in order. i will do that. my body can’t afford another drastic weight gain and neither can my mind. stay healthy, y’all.